Guest post: to the Max

Guest post: to the Max

I miss Max.

There is zero chance that I’m the only one who feels this way. (Editor’s note: Accurate. — A.H.)

I miss how Max stuck his nose into a volunteer’s water cup to take a sip.

I miss how Max liked to munch on the edge of a brush around the grooming he enjoyed so much.

I miss breaking treats up for him, and how he’d start to get snippy with me when he sensed our visit was ending.

I see Max in every cat at Tabby’s Place.

No matter how improbable the tale, no matter how difficult the situation, no matter how long the journey, every cat that arrives at Tabby’s Place will get the same doting, wonderful, and heartfelt attention that Max got.

Everyone involved will jump through hoops, bend over backwards, or just clean poop and refresh water if that’s what it takes to give each cat their best chance at a good life, either forever at Tabby’s Place, in a forever home, or in forever foster.

Every situation at Tabby’s Place is a win-win.

How can it be otherwise when the only fails are “foster fails” (that is, adoptions by families who only intended to foster “temporarily”)?

So, here I am wallowing in the joy of how fortunate I am to have known Max, even as I wonder about all of the newbies and the successes that lie ahead.

2 thoughts on “Guest post: to the Max

  1. Thanks for the memories Kitty, and his wonderful relationship with Sammy. Sad that he had to live in his own suite toward the end. He did however mean a lot, to many.

  2. Iconic cats. Max was so special – his history was so special The story of Max and Mozart) – and his noble classic tabby face was so handsome. Tabby’s Place has known many wonderful cats. Once I thought there should be a memory wall with names, but then I realized that no cat should be left off! Tabby himself is the iconic epitome of every cat that is memorable.

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