Guest post: T’abnormal

Guest post: T’abnormal

Normal is mythological. It just doesn’t exist.

What exists are lots of things that are scattershot all over the place, and, when averaged out, yield a mean value that we call “normal.”

But, normal is just not…normal. Normal is unusual. Normal is strange, especially at Tabby’s Place.

We of the smitten-with-kittens ilk are well aware that cats are unusual creatures. Despite how readily they habituate to schedules, preferences, people, and spaces, normal simply does not apply.

Exhibit A: Bosco

With a wonky bit of an ear, a strong desire for attention, and a solid voice to explain to why any attentions are insufficiently attentive [“Food, woman! You have thumbs, ergo you must feedz and petz. COMMENCE!”], Bosco shatters all norms.

We’re used to this kind of thing at Tabby’s Place.

Exhibit B: Kittens

They just cray-cray. ‘Nuff said. Also, Ramekin — that is one heck of a nowhere-near-normal story, excepting that those kinds of stories are pretty normal at Tabby’s Place.

Exhibit C: Quinn’s Corner

Quinn’s Corner is in production. The stage is set. The props are all over the grounds. Extras are doing extras business. Things is busy out there! [Also, COOL VEHICLES!! Excellent color choice.]

Exhibit D: Olive

Olive is open — sometimes — to petting…a very little bit, when the sun is at perihelion, and the pigs are suited up in flak jackets. Still, pets! Nice, soft little head.

Basically, case closed, because all of this is de rigueur at Chez Kitt-eh. Tomorrow, the way of things may flow in a different direction. The next day, it’ll all shift uphill a notch.

We will never be able to predict what pivots will be necessary, where a batch of rescues will fly in from, or who will discover a new, favorite flavor of mush.

What we do know, though, is that change is and ever shall be afoot.

That is perfectly normal for Tabby’s Place.

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