Guest post: Swipe right for Sweet Pea

Guest post: Swipe right for Sweet Pea

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to a new voice on the blog, terrific volunteer Tara. (As mama to Tabby’s Place alumnae Peggy and Dottie, nee Wawa and Kiosk, “terrific” comes with the territory.)

It’s my even greater pleasure to introduce you to a face you’ll never forget, Sweet Pea.

Take it away, dear ladies…

“If you want to fall in love over and over again, and possibly have your heart broken, only to be put back together again, forget online dating and find a cat sanctuary.

“At Tabby’s Place, you will find everything you can find on Tinder: aloof types who might have some trust issues (like Simba – he’s been hurt before, but he’s a good guy); pretty faces who are just waiting for you to feed their needs (like Faye, who is just waiting for the wet food); jokesters (hello, Steven); and everything in between.

“You’ll fall in love. And sometimes your loves will leave you in one way or another. And then you’ll fall in love all over again.

“My first love as a Tabby’s Place volunteer was Valentino. If you didn’t have the pleasure of knowing him, I can tell you that he was (and undoubtedly still is) a proper gentleman, with a heart of gold and a way of stretching out one little paw and reaching straight into your heart.

“When Valentino was adopted, I was conflicted. I was thrilled that my kitty friend would have a home of his own, but I knew I would miss him dearly. (I’ve found this is a recurring problem for me as a Tabby’s volunteer. But it’s a nice problem to have.)

“Enter Sweet Pea. She could easily be mistaken for Valentino’s female twin, a sleek black cat with a slim face and an impossibly big heart. From her first welcoming chirp, I knew we would be friends.

“Sweet Pea truly lives up to her name, albeit in her own gentle way. She’s not the type of cat to make a spectacle of herself. She won’t come running for attention like Swiffer or Carrot; in fact, it’s tough to even get her to sit still long enough for what would serve as a viable profile picture! Instead, she’ll contentedly wait while her more outgoing friends greet you, knowing that you won’t be able to resist her sweet face and loving purrs. Sweet Pea is patient. She knows there’s enough love to go around. She displays a quiet grace: always happy to see you, never needing to be the first pretty face for whom you swipe right.

“That grace is serving Sweet Pea well in her treatment for lymphoma. It’s been a difficult time. In addition to a new chemotherapy regimen, our dear girl has made a major move from Suite B to the Lobby. Although the Lobby is one of the sweetest spots at Tabby’s Place, it’s a bit of a mixed bag; there are growling matches with Olive and a confounding water fountain to be navigated, but also soft chairs for sleeping and more visitors for charming.

“But Sweet Pea has taken it all in stride. She keeps on working on figuring out that water fountain, even if her head does get wet every time. She floats around with the same happy chirps as ever. She borrows Olive’s crate when it’s not in use (Sweet Pea does like a nice crate, and Olive’s is especially spacious).

“So far, nothing has gotten this girl down, and I doubt cancer will, either. If she’s anything like fellow warrior Raja, she’ll still be enchanting new suitors and capturing hearts for some time to come.”

So may it be. Tara will be bringing you additional updates on Sweet Pea as our dainty girl dances on through her treatment. Please do join us in keeping this sweetest of legumes in your prayers.


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  1. Hello Tara! Fans of Tabby’s Place welcome you and loved reading your introduction to Sweet Pea (and thank you for mentioning our love, Steven). It will be great to hear updates on Sweet Pea – she is in our prayers.

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