Guest post: Perception is everything

Guest post: Perception is everything

We all look inward and judge our coping abilities or our successes…or failures.

We, as a rule, are pretty harsh critics when it comes to ourselves. We bandy about words like shattered, scattered, broken, and unbearable as if they aren’t sharply pointed. Drowning and overwhelmed get tossed about too, as do phrases like, “I can’t take any more,” or “I can’t handle this.”

What a bunch of crap.

It is exceedingly rare for any of this nonsense to be the truth. Even when it is, it’s often a transient truth, which means it isn’t true at all.

We cope. We bear. We rebound. We rebuild. Sometimes we lean a little on others. Sometimes we lean a lot. There are counselors and medications that can help us through the most challenging times. There is also guided meditation, a good cry, and ice cream (bring on the Rocky Road).

There is also Tabby’s Place.

Where better to turn inward thoughts outward? Where better to refresh one’s self-view?

Whether you are a donor, cat enthusiast, volunteer, or staff member, in some small way it is likely that, by now, the Tabby’s Place cats have helped you see things a little differently.

Believe me, Tabby’s Place cats are very good at seeing things differently themselves – just ask Finola (she’s blind), Shelley (she’s mostly blind, but can make out a little bit of, shall we say, chiaroscuro), Cammy (she sees perfectly well out of her one eye), or Bucca (she sees you for exactly who you are and calls BS whenever appropriate – and sometimes just because she’s sassy).

These fine, furry ladies know something very important in regards to human existence: we don’t spend nearly enough time paying attention to cats. So, it’s best if we get over ourselves, stop fretting about the small stuff, and shift our views to the important things (cats, to be clear).

The first mosaic I ever saw, created by my mom long before I was a twinkle in her eye

It’s all too easy for us to miss this important lesson (and far too many others). Ultimately, however we get through, we do get through. With or without the help of our furry friends (much preferred with, for my part), we never actually remain shattered and scattered like shards of broken glass.

We are, in actual fact, beautiful tesserae just waiting to be plastered into stunning mosaics. We are also the artists that create the mosaics.

We are also the art aficionados who happen to most adore those precious moments when the colorful, jumbled glory of our gemlike tiles come into focus and present us in our best light.

Following the lead of our feline friends, if we just shift our perspective a little bit, change our angle of view, redirect our vision to the most important things, we can avoid getting bogged down by negative self-speak.

When we don’t see things as clearly, it’s okay. When all seems dark and as if the sun will never rise, it’s okay.

It’s also okay to let yourself feel all the feels; just don’t let them get the best of you. Ask for help when you need it, offer it when you are able. Even when you don’t believe you’re wonderful, behave wonderfully, and everyone, especially the kitties, will believe you are as wonderful as you show yourself to be.

After all, perception is everything. And, soon enough, you’ll believe it too.


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