Guest post: New days

Guest post: New days

“They” say it’s always darkest before the dawn. This year, though, seems dark side of the moon dark.

Darker than the deepest corner of a walk-in closet dark. Darker than a stormy midnight when the power is out and there is nobody around.

At moments such as these, the darkness seems unrelenting. We only just lost the magnificent John Lewis. We’ve watched and waited while Alex Trebek defies all odds, even as we remember what took Patrick Swayze from us, far too young. Now, we have lost the notorious RBG to the same killer.

I don’t use that term lightly. Cancer kills. Pancreatic cancer kills disproportionately. It’s all anyone can do to fight as much as possible, and hope as hard as possible.

We see it every day at Tabby’s Place. Little, furry souls struggle fiercely to hang on to the barest smoldering embers of life. Too many struggle in vain. But, a precious few fan the spark back into flame, as Tabby’s Place staff and volunteers fuel the fire with medicine, attention, and love.

Sometimes frail lives end far too soon. But, eventually we must all go. May we face our with the grace and goodness we see in our feline friends (like Sam and Puzzle, pictured here) and with the strength of the hearts of our heroes. Until that time, it is important that we honor those who have passed on before, continuing their good works, furthering their dreams, and shining a brighter light on better days  even at Tabby’s Place.

We can, we shall, we will, one frail little kitty at a time.

PS from AH: Today just happens to be the Feast of the Archangels. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest, dear friends. XO

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