Guest post: Koneko Rikishi

Guest post: Koneko Rikishi

By now, you are probably aware that our daisukina (dearest) Development Director is a sumo aficionado.

I am too, but I can more accurately be described as a screaming, crazed fan than an aficionado.

In the ever so strange ways of the workings of the world, we found each other and uncovered our mutual interest through Tabby’s Place. With that in mind, and in the strong spirit of doshi (camaraderie) and kyōtsū no kanshin (shared interest), let’s get started! Tachi’ai!

For those of you who are not yet familiar with Elliot, he is a mostly white youngling whose black tail makes him look like he was cobbled together from spare parts.

He and zesty little Lemon have been known to engage in some serious Greco-Roman wrestling all over SN (that would be the Special Needs suite, often crazy with kittens).

Woe be to anyone in the path of their matches! Seriously, those two expend more energy than 10 supernovae colliding with a super massive black hole all at the same time!

Once, Lemon climbed onto my lap for a cuddle, but, in a move custom made for the WWE, Elliot attacked her from behind.


They were EVERYWHERE!!

They had a ball!!

So did I!

But, with new foundlings zipping all over the place and tumbling over each other, SN has become a different kind of arena. In fact, it is now the best dohyo in the entire world, including all of the best ones in Japan, and here is the video to prove it:

Elliot is very happy to have a 4-pack of newbies to play with. It’s no easy feat, catching kittens, as they tend to scatter just as they are closed in on, and they are often busy chasing each other and various and sundry toys. But, our funny white streak with dapper black patches has just the right knack for catching the kittens up in his zany sprees.

No surprise, it takes all four weeny wonders to match Elliot’s endless energy and enthusiasm for inelegant, sumo-style wrestling takedowns, force outs, and throw downs. Yoritaoshi!!. Their basho is a grand bash!

Maybe this fuzzy foursome doesn’t live in a stable, and maybe they’ll never try miso or learn Japanese, but being simultaneously koneko [kittens] and rikishi [sumo wrestlers], they are certainly Ozeki-level already. As they gain size, power, and control, they will be well positioned to become Yokozuna.

For kittens practicing sumo, this is the way.

Oh, and just for good measure, there’s this.

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