Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Generators

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Generators

Kozmo Rosenberg is a dynamo.  I know because I’m a dynamo too, or so I’ve been told.

The thing about dynamos – the figurative kind – is that they are super energetic and seem to never stop moving. Anyone who knows Kozmo knows this to be completely and 100% totally true.

Being a dynamo is not necessarily a good thing. It can be frustrating and kind of annoying to everybody around. With cats like Kozmo it means that they’re almost always on the move. They never really settle down. They don’t get the zoomies. They ARE the zoomies.

Kozmo is not a lap cat. This can be really frustrating for people who just sometimes want that dynamo in their lives to STOP for one brief moment. Sit down, stop, be still. Be a lap cat. Cuddle. Snuggle. Relax. [Most of this applies to human dynamos too!] For a dynamo, inner inertia is so strong that stillness is rarely possible. We hope Kozmo eventually will calm down, settle down, and be a bit more of a lap cat. In the meantime, we can enjoy all the zoomies that he is. Stillness and calm can be found on quieter shores.

The counterbalance to a dynamo is a stator (sort of; let’s just go with it). The counterbalance to a Kozmo is a Rashida. She is one cat who is very happy to loll about, hang her lush tail over the edge of her bed, relax utterly, and just simply be adored. Sometimes, this can be a little frustrating and make humans desperately want to get her to just move around a little bit. Fortunately, with the likes of Rashida, the introduction of a wand toy is enough of a boost to get her play, get her on the move, and get her energized until it’s time for her to resume her luxuriant ways.

The balance of parts in a generator is pretty basic from the outside. [Mea culpa for the grand oversimplification! This is a blog, after all, not an engineering class.] There is the moving part, like Kozmo, and there is the stationary part, like Rashida. But, there’s another aspect: the magnet. No magnet, no electricity. Magnets are where everything comes together.

Charm is a magnet. Hips is a magnet. Rose is a magnet. Carrot is a magnet.

If I go on, every single cat that has ever graced the vaunted halls and suites and offices of Tabby’s Place would be listed, and this would be the blog that doesn’t end (sort of like the Song that Doesn’t End, but infinitely fuzzier and amplitudes more wonderful).

The fact is, all cats, including the dynamos and rotors, are magnets. We are drawn to them. They are drawn to us. They are drawn to each other, unless their opposite poles are facing, then they absolutely repel each other (Honey and Zelda know EXACTLY what I’m talking about), but never, ever us.

For the zippiest of dynamos, like Elliot and Shaggy, there are toys and playmates (cat and human). For the snooziest of rotors, like Valerie and Tux, there are brushes and laps of humans, and fellow feline snugglers.

The thing about cats, as opposed to engine parts, is that their relative roles can change over the course of a day or a lifetime. At Tabby’s Place, we love the cats who stay for a while and enjoy the brief glimpses into their lives until they join their forever families. We adore those cats who stay for the duration and whom we get to know on a much deeper level over their lifetimes. All of them bring us energy and calm, enrichment and friendship. They create far more than the electricity of a generator. They create the magnetic core around which our lives revolve.

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