Guest post: Collectible Kittys

Guest post: Collectible Kittys

Bialy1We track all sorts of statistics at Tabby’s Place.

For instance:


  • Number of active volunteers: 150
  • Number of cats in Suite B: 18
  • Total weight, in pounds, of cats in Suite C: infinity

Kitty #1...
Kitty #2, not to be confused with Kitty #1

And, of course, any nonprofit worth its salt tracks the following metric:

  • Number of 17-year-old, solid black, female cats named Kitty arriving in 2015: 2

It turns out our adopters are also statistics-minded people. The R. Family, a pair of devoted Tabby’s Place volunteers, started the year in the following sorry state:

  • Number of Tabby’s Place alumni: 2
  • Number of Tabby’s Place alumni required: 4
  • Number of 17-year-old, solid black, female Tabby’s Place alumnae named Kitty: 0
  • Total Kitty deficit: 2

Fortunately, 2015 was their year.

(Miss Amanda) Kitty #2 on night #1 in home #forever.
(Miss Amanda) Kitty #2 on night #1 in home #forever.

But don’t take it from me. In fact, don’t trust any human on this. Take it from a big-headed black cat. Sing it, bobbly boy:

“Hi everyone! It’s me, Bialy. (Editor’s note: that’s also Bialy in the thumbnail above, albeit many years and pounds ago.) It’s been awhile since I last wrote to you all, but I have really big news.

Joe (you remember my brother Joe, right? He lived at Tabby’s Place too…) and I now have not one, but two, new sisters. You probably read about new sister #1, Kitty, here on the blog, or over on Facebook. She’s 17 years old (ancient, huh?), and she’s beautiful — shiny and black, like me.

“Now, get this. Just a few weeks after Kitty #1 moved into our house and got settled, a friend at Tabby’s Place texted my Momma about a special black cat at Tabby’s Place. This isn’t too unusual, since everyone at Tabby’s Place knows we love black cats. But here’s the surprising part: the special new cat was also 17 years old…and her name was Miss Kitty.

“This all sounded like a joke to Momma. Since she was at work, she just let it go for a few hours, then thought about it and checked things out for herself. Nope, it was no joke: there was another black Kitty, just like my new sister!

"I may not be the first Kitty. I may not be the last Kitty. But I am the best and only kitty with this infinitely kissable paw."
“I may not be the first Kitty. I may not be the last Kitty. But I am the best and only kitty with this infinitely kissable paw.”

“Miss Kitty had lost her home recently, and was now in the Quarantine wing at Tabby’s Place. Momma and Poppa had company that weekend, so they all went to Tabby’s Place to meet Miss Kitty. (Kitties wait for no human.) The rest, as you humans say, is history.

“Miss Kitty is now home with us!

“It gets a little confusing between Kitty and Miss Kitty, so my Uncle Jonathan had renamed Miss Kitty ‘Amanda.’ Momma is calling her Miss Amanda Kitty for now, to give her a chance to get used to her new name.

“Those of you reading this might understand where her name came from: Jonathan used to watch Gunsmoke on something called TV. Their ‘Miss Kitty’ was played by an actress lady named ‘Amanda.’ Get it? Pretty cool.

“If anyone remembers my first few (OK, more than a few) nights in my new home, Miss Kitty got the same loving VIP treatment. Yep, Poppa slept on the floor with Miss Amanda Kitty in her new room. She doesn’t like to sleep on a bed, or on a blanket, or even on a pillow. Silly lady likes just the floor. She has a whole bunch of beds and blankets, and of course toys, that are all hers, but for now she just wants to sleep on the floor and eat. (She already has a favorite flavor of food.)

...and Bialy and Joe make 4 (Tabby's Place alumni/ae, that is).
Bialy and Joe make 4 (Tabby’s Place alumni/ae, that is).

“That’s OK with all of us. Who knows how rough her life was before Tabby’s Place?

“But that’s all over now. We know she’s going to be really loved and spoiled in this house!”

Thank you, Bialy — and thank you, Awesome Adopters, for opening your hearts and homes to a full family of Kittys.

And to all you Vegas bookies reading this: we’re now accepting bets on how long it will be before Kitty #3 arrives.

Thumbnail by John M; all other photos courtesy of the Kittys’ fab family.

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  1. Yay! Thanks Auntie Angela for using the pic of me and Joe too. Kitty and Miss Kitty say thank you too! They’re both busy sleeping right now! (all they do is eat and sleep) I bet they’re catching up on sleep they missed before they came to Tabby’s Place. Momma says they’re both gaining weight and feeling more at home every day. We love having them at home with all of us! <3

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