Epilogues: September 2015

Epilogues: September 2015

21192037813_b74f27f053_kThis is a wild, woolly world.

We’ve got global goals and global griefs.

We’ve got water on Mars and Macklemore back on the charts.

Fortunately, we’ve also got gobs of cat news.

"That's all the news you got? Unacceptable. MORE MORE MORE!!!" - Lorelai
“That’s all the news you got? Unacceptable.
MORE MORE MORE!!!” – Lorelai

Specifically, we’ve bobbed these particular apples:

Arrived: Kit, Bunny, Hannah, Miss Kitty Amanda

Adopted: Janae; Boson & Lepton (together); Otto & Maude (together); Kona & Oahu (together); Michael & Emmitt (together); Gil; Piney; Amy & Hope (together); Opie, Jax & Chibs (together)

Foster Fabulosity: Miss Kitty Amanda

Returned: Orion & Tucker

Cleared from Quarantine: Troy, Emmitt, Michael, Piper, Hope, Calista, Rabia (pictured in thumbnail), Kit, Bunny, Angelo

"Just Freddin' around."
“Just Freddin’ around.”

Promoted to Heaven: Lacey, Psi, Leilani

Most collectible entity at Tabby’s Place: 17-year-old black female cats named Kitty. Just ask adopters/fosterers/Benefactors/volunteers Mr. and Mrs. R (and that’s R for Rad, of course). Not satisfied simply adopting 17-year-old Kitty, this month they took on 17-year-old Miss Kitty (renamed Amanda, but that’s a minor detail). The 80s had Cabbage Patch Kids, the 90s had Pokemon, the 00s had Furbys…but 2015 is the year of the 17-year-old black female collectible Kitty.

Pumpkins and fun-sized candy bars ain’t got nothin’ on these beasties. Let’s rock this October as only we can do, kittens.

Photo credits from de top: Jess B x2, Heather.

2 thoughts on “Epilogues: September 2015

  1. Lepton as a kittyname? Boson? Oahu? Rabia? Can Leopardus be far behind? I cast my vote for Angela’ names. And all of my love and respect and thanks to the family of Kitty and now Miss Kitty Amanda – may your home be filled with purrs forever.

    1. Awwww, Momma and Poppa say thanks very much! Our house is sure filled with purrs. Miss Amanda Kitty purrs alllll the time! I can hear her and I’m not even allowed in her room yet. 🙂
      Kitty is finally realizing that she can go wherever she wants but she likes to stay in her room. She has a heated bed in there… bet that’s the reason. <3

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