Guest post: Anticipation

Guest post: Anticipation

I can hear Carly Simon’s tantalizing vocals as a horizontal bottle of ketchup on a brick wall ever so slowly drips its treasure toward the sidewalk below.

An actor (later a famous friend) runs down to street level to coat his hot dog in the crimson condiment. (Not judging, but I run the gamut from naked to fully loaded dogs dripping with onions, chili, cheese, and mustard, just never ketchup, and I just LOVE ketchup.)

That’s old school anticipation. Advertising anticipation.

Right now, I am veritably aquiver in the heartfelt anticipation of seeing my family for the first time in a lifetime of forever and a day. Tomorrow! Wonderful, marvelous, always coming, eternally anticipated, yet never arriving tomorrow. But, when I wake up in the morning, it will be today. Glorious today! Shining like the sun after the worst storm on the darkest night. Sacred today. The present. A gift.

My exultation and joy are unbounded! Fearlessly, for a rare moment, I anticipate sharing time with a precious few people, physically distant, carefully masked except during a more physically distant lunch. We will excitedly wave and jazz hands at each other. We are all very careful. But our visit will be brief because of caution, respect, and love.

It is with similar anticipation, muted because of so many unknowns, that I await a safe, cautious, respectful, and loving return to our favorite cat sanctuary.

During our physical isolation (not social isolation; we’ve been together this whole time), we have said goodbye to beloved, old friends, both heartbrokenly and elatedly, and we have joyously welcomed feisty, beautiful, and entertaining new ones.

They don’t know us yet, but they will.

And that, I look forward to, with great anticipation.

Editor’s note: Gratuitous cat photos brought to you courtesy of new kittens Han, Leia, Luke and Chewy, simply because…seriously, could any reason be wrong? XO, AH

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  1. Grey and white tabby kitties – so adorable! So many laps are waiting to allow occupation. Will these kittens be less cuddly because they have not known as many people? Give them (Chewy! love that name) some cuddles from me in Florida!

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