Guest post: A blink and a nod

Guest post: A blink and a nod

“Blink” is the title of the scariest, creepiest, horriblest, awesomest episode of Doctor Who EVER. (Unlike the magnificent benefactors Tabby’s Place relies on, not all angels are all that great.)

“Blink” is the word (sorry, Grease) my friend from Bangkok confused with “wink.” Whenever she suggested we go to The Winking Lizard for wings, she’d scrunch her face up and do a tight, slow blink. Always.

“Blink” is something we all do all day. We need to do it. But, sometimes, we are advised not to, as a FOMO thing, as in, “Blink and you’ll miss it.”

Blink is also the name of a beautiful kitty living among the storied ranks of Tabby’s Place residents.

This white-with-black tuxedo is dapper and darling. She has had some challenges with her vision. But, rest assured, Blink has been attended to with all the due deference and care she knows she deserves.

Even so, I’m not sure her vision was made perfect, although 2020 was supposed to be the year when we all had perfect vision, not just perfect hindsight. I think we should have. Blink should have, too. Things just didn’t go quite as planned.

Nothing ever does go as planned, as Burns reminded us in his poem about a wee mousie, which Steinbeck echoed many years after Burns, and twenty thousand ages before the COVID hit the fan.

But, thanks to these precise structural failures, Blink came to greet us all with, well, a wink and a nod.

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