Gratuitous cat photos of the day: Invited to the feast

Gratuitous cat photos of the day: Invited to the feast

22482297195_a863c53f10_kTis the season to be feasty beasts.

Gingerbread. Pfefferneuse. Fruitcake. Fudge. Linzer cookies. Strufuli.*

Arid orbs of prescription cat food.

A post-feast face if ever I saw one. Tryptophan much?
A post-feast face if ever I saw one. Tryptophan much?

You can’t blame Angel. People are talking about things like pie-making parties and gingerbread houses. People have been increasing in girth since late November.

People are eating like feasty, feasty beasts.

But cats can’t taste sweet things, and so all this confectionery craziness is lost on them.

The urge to feast, however, is universal.

So we think Angel was just getting in the season this morning when the box arrived. Like an unassuming cardboard gingerbread house, the box stood tall in the Tabby’s Place lobby. Merry little elf-style, Angel got to work consuming the box.

Consuming. The. Box.

Where teeth failed, claws helped. Finally, she was in. Box vanquished, Angel could get to the important work of shredding its contents.

Maggie models feast-ready fashion.
Maggie models feast-ready fashion.

Those contents just happened to be several large bags of dry prescription cat food.

No snowflake cookie has ever been so eagerly ambushed as this medically-approved chow. In a flash, Angel had pierced every last bag, sending tiny, dry-as-dust kibble orbs rolling in all directions. Santa could keep his sack of toys; these were the bags on Angel’s list. Once the food was loose, however, Angel turned away. Now it was on the floor, ergo dirty, ergo beneath her.

Ergo, perfect for one feasty Maggie.

What Angel abandoned, Maggie munched. It was a personal cookie party, no invitation needed, and the feast was on.

A certain Tabby’s Place staff member — let’s call him Ronathan to protect the innocent — watched all this. It was all Ronathan could do to stop laughing long enough to stop the cats from “liberating” every last kibble.

The moral of the story: cats don’t love prescription cat food, unless it comes disguised as a Christmas surprise.

So, although we lack photos of this morning’s feast, today’s gratuitous cat photos honor the two queens who made the most of their munchical moment.

Feast on, my beasty friends.

*The favorite in mi famiglia. If you know strufuli, I love you and we should be best friends this instant.

Photo credits from de top: Heather, Mark, Heather, Mark.


First lady of the feast Maggie Rosenberg
First lady of the feast Maggie Rosenberg

4 thoughts on “Gratuitous cat photos of the day: Invited to the feast

    1. adding on ….. finally looked up strufuli, Grandma Wubby always made that at Christmastime! We called it something else, but it was wonderful! Grandma Wubby was Sicilian Italian.

  1. Strufuli is one of my favorite treats…it’s been on my training table since I was a kid…fun to make, even funner(?) to eat. But, I’d be willing to bet that it’s nowhere near as much fun as tucking into a bag of kibble (prescription or otherwise), not to mention the box that might be protecting it! Way to Angel (and Maggie) and way to go Ronathon for not busting up that merry melee as it took place

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