Fungus false alarm

Fungus false alarm

Peachy the BeautifulPsssst…don’t tell Peachy, but remember all that nasty lime-sulfur dipping and banishment she endured to get over ringworm?

Well, she’s over ringworm. Because, um, she never had it in the first place.

I can explain – really! (But, still, just to be safe, don’t tell Peachy.)

PeachyNormally, when we suspect a kitty has ringworm, we take a culture of any suspicious scaly spots, and find out from the lab within a couple of weeks whether or not it is, in fact, “the worm.” But, sometimes, those scaly spots are so classically ringworm-esque that we’ll start treating our kitty for the fungus before getting confirmation from the lab.

And that’s where Peachy fooled us.

Peachy’s pinkish, scaly area on her forehead was just so ringwormy that we were sure she’d been struck by “the worm” (which, as you’ll remember, isn’t a worm at all). Add to that the fact that multiple reception desk dwellers have been struck by ringworm before, which has made us suspicious that this high traffic area tends to attract the fungus almost as much as the cats there attract every visitor to pet them. So, confident that the lab would only confirm what we already knew, we started princess Peachy on those stinky dips, in exile in our quarantine area.

PeachyNow, some folks and felines are whispering that Polly (who dislikes cats and just barely tolerates people, although we love her) was behind all of this, that she scratched Peachy’s forehead in an ever-so-wormy pattern to get her out of Polly’s lobby. There is some merit to this theory, since multiple other lobby ladies (Lilly, Cali, Jasmine) have left Polly alone only when ringworm banished them from the lobby. Could Polly be working on being the one and only girl in the whole lobby? If Erin and Yasmine start getting wormy, I’m going to start getting suspicious.

But, in the meantime, all’s well that ends well, and Peachy is back with her desk-buddy, the one and only Grady-love. And, just so we’re all on the same page, the party line to Peachy is that the reason her ringworm treatment ended so quickly is simply that she recovered reeeeeally quickly, probably because she’s so beautiful. 🙂

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  1. Poor Peachy had to suffer such indignities……..but she looks no worse for wear. Love to her and all the gang at Tabby’s Place. You’re the best!

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