Ella: uncovered at last

Ella: uncovered at last

EllaIt’s a blanket! It’s a cat bed! It’s…Ella?

The tiny tortie who loves the subterranean (or at least sub-blanket) life has been uncovered at last, and forever.

As you can see in this video, wee Ella spent her first several months with us camping out under blankets, cat beds, and just about everything that could hide her lovely face from cats and people. (As you can see, this occasionally meant camping out under other cats, intentionally or otherwise.)Ella

It’s not that Ella didn’t like people. On the contrary, our dainty girl would purr gamely enough for any patient, gentle friend who would offer her treats under her blankets and pet her little head. There was just something about those blankets that made Ella feel at home … except for an unfortunate series of events that led to Mango (one of the sweetest creatures this side of Candyland, but a repeat-offending “inappropriate eliminator”) peeing on a blanket-covered Ella. But, such are the perils of living under a crocheted blanky.

Maybe that experience was a catalyst for Ella’s recent burst of courage. For, in the last few weeks, the tortoiseshell pixie of Suite A has discovered that life beyond the blankets is gooood. In fact, after Griselle and Mrs. Jinx, I think it’s fair to say that Ella had become just about the friendliest cats in her suite.

EllaAnd it was all just in time for her life to get sweeter. Almost as sweet as a Marshmallow, in fact.

The folks who welcomed home our sweet-natured, sweet-named boy a few months ago came back to Tabby’s Place looking for a companion for Marshmallow this past weekend. Our newly-courageous Ella made herself altogether easy to love, and, today, there’s a new forever family, with Marshmallow as Ella’s fella.

Let’s just hope they have enough blankets to make this little sprite feel at home!

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  1. This story makes me cry, both because I’m so happy and because Ella looks just like a kitty of mine that died some years back. Nonetheless, I’m very happy Ella has a home now!

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