Forever changed: a volunteer’s promise

Forever changed: a volunteer’s promise

Molly, for whom Holly was Special Needs correspondentOne of the blessings of life with the cats is loving the people who love them.

 Holly is one such gem.

Blake & Onyx at Tabby's Place, shortly before going to their forever home with Holly's familyShe’s worn many hats in her years of volunteering with us: socializer of scared cats, friendly cats and all manner of cats; Special Needs correspondent for the irrepressible Molly; and adopter of best-bud boys Onyx and Blake. This fall, Holly is breaking feline and human hearts alike by leaving Ringoes to head off to college. But, much as we’ll miss her, we are all so proud of Holly. She was kind enough to let me share her heartfelt words with you:

Hi Angela,


I just wanted to let you know that unfortunately, Saturday will be my last day at Tabby’s Place before I leave for school. 🙁 I am very sad about this, but have had such a fun and fulfilling time volunteering at Tabby’s, and really hope that I have been of help there.


The amazing TashiI have grown close to so many of the cats, and love playing with the kittens each week. They are such a joy and always bring me so much happiness. Gumbo has made me laugh many times this summer. I also feel so attached to Tashi … I have loved watching him progress with his therapy and continue to do better and better, and he is such a sweet, playful, and unique cat.


And, of course, Molly. She is so sweet, and her voice always makes me laugh. I love holding her in my lap..she’s so little and gentle.


I feel bad about leaving, but plan on coming in to visit with the cats whenever I am home from school. Thank you so much for helping me out whenever I’ve needed it, and for being so friendly. Not just the cats but the staff helped to make my experience volunteering at Tabby’s Place so enjoyable.


I plan on volunteering at an animal shelter for the rest of my life, no matter where I am. You do wonderful work at Tabby’s Place, and I am proud to have been associated with such a great facility.



HollyHolly's forever friend Molly

How beautiful is it that Holly’s committed her heart to volunteering at an animal shelter everywhere she goes, for life? Holly, so many cats can look forward to being blessed by your friendship in the years to come. Everyone and everykitty at Tabby’s Place will be cheering you on all the way.

3 thoughts on “Forever changed: a volunteer’s promise

  1. Holly
    First of all good luck at school and in whatever profession you should select. You and all the people like you who have such a dedication to a cause are truly wonderful. I’m sure the cats will remember you and welcome you back when you syop in to visit. I wish I could also volunteer but at this time I am working and time is short, but upon retirement (2 yrs) I probably will follow in your footsteps (I don’t live too far from Catman 2 here in Carolina)

  2. Holly — I don’t even know you and I’m getting choked up by your letter! I know Angela and everyone else at Tabby’s Place — regardless of skin or fur, two legs or more — are going to sorely miss you. Volunteers like you are priceless. Best of luck and keep lovin’ those kitties!

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