Outpost from across the pond #2: Miss B & Henry

Outpost from across the pond #2: Miss B & Henry

UKWith a staff member (Karina), volunteer (Lorraine) and many friends from the UK, it’s safe to say that we Tabby’s Place folk are Anglophiles. One of our favorite London friends, John, is back with a new cat-report from London’s Royal Patriotic Victoria Building, and today he’s introducing us to two of his most charming neighbors. John, take it away!

Bubbles, a.k.a. Miss B.Hi to the purring ones in Ringoes (I always thought Ringoes was a good feline name). A few tales from across the water; this time it’s about Miss B (or Bubbles, to use her given name). She is a wonderful calico cat that lives with my neighbors in apartment 3 (I live in 8).

Bubbles is a traveller around the building and frequents various offices and studios as a guest and inspector of facilities (mostly sleeping arrangements and feeding receptacles…).

Ok – so what does Miss B look like? There are a couple of pictures of her here. Her most frequent place is sleeping on the convertible roof of expensive cars. Owners are always curious as to why their cars have a fluffy coating after a days sunshine. Miss B is, of course, a connoisseur of motor vehicles and only chooses the top of the line models!

Miss B's brother, the elusive HenryShe is very vocal in her greetings when I walk around the building to my office, and likes to walk alongside me as escort and inspector – great fun. She is always rewarded with a treat at the short journey’s end (it’s about 50 yards, which makes me a lucky guy as I can walk to work).

Ms B is unfortunately not at all fond of her brother – Henry. There is a picture of the elusive Henry as well. Henry is soooo different to Miss B in looks that its difficult to believe they are sister and brother, but they are. Regular squabbles have meant that Miss B is happier out and about. Her owners have spent large amounts of money and time with “cat whisperers” and having her analyzed – to little effect, as she still hisses and growls at Henry on the few occasions that they meet. Her owners tell me that Miss B is a casual drop in visitor to her home, specifically at mealtimes!bubbles

She is amazingly friendly and a great treat for everyone. There is a Drama school as part of the building, and all the students fuss over her during break times along with all the other residents. Our internal courtyards have a fish pond with Koi, and Bubbles is an ardent viewer of the fish on a sunny day – it’s a bit like a large horizontal flat screen TV for cats really!

We’ll look forward to the latest and greatest adventures of Miss B, Henry, and John’s own dear cat Bets soon. Until then, Cheerio – and thank you, John, for loving cats on both sides of the Atlantic so well! 🙂

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