Outpost from across the pond: brilliant Bets

Outpost from across the pond: brilliant Bets

union-jack2Our London friend John Graham is back with a new missive from the moggies in jolly old England.

Today, we have the pleasure of meeting a cat in a class of her own: Bets.

bets-1 ”Hello to all our friends at Tabby’s Place.

Bets (my cat) thought it was about time that she was properly introduced to the USA. Bets is a small black cat with a fine tuft of white under her chin. She came to me when I was living in my previous property, along with 5 other wonderful creatures who have since crossed the rainbow bridge. Bets is still a very playful lady with a keen eye for luxury and contentment, and has no hesitation in making a lot of noise when I come home at night!

It was her keen eye for luxury and contentment that led me to write this short little blog about a perplexing problem that became very amusing recently.

bets-2I had noticed on the middle level of my apartment that there were frequently tufts of black Bets fur on the carpet, in a very particular but inexplicable place: not near any feeding place or any of her various cushions, not very close to any radiators and pretty much dead centre of the middle level…odd, really.

Then, one weekend, when the sun was shining, it all became clear. The apartment has very large, Gothic-style arched windows that the sun streams through into the property. As you can see from the attached photos, Bets occupies the precise spot that the rays land when the sun is high, stretching and sleeping to get the maximum exposure she can, and leaving small tufts of her fur in the process.

That’s one mystery of her day explained!

But there are plenty more, such as the mysterious paw prints on the inside of the windows in odd bets-3places …

Very best regards to all,

John G (and Bets)”

 Thank you to two of our favorite British friends – we’ll look forward to the next Bets mystery in a future post.

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  1. My cat Bonzai also loves to recline in sunny spots on the carpet. She does so completely upside down, with all four legs straight up in the air like a toy. Come to think of it, your Bets is black, and my Bonzai is black…maybe sun worship is a prerequisite for black kitties whose first names start with the letter B! Plus, no tan lines! 🙂

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