Santa Lucia sets sail

Santa Lucia sets sail

LuciaFunny how timing can be so right.

And funny how “right” can be so hard when it comes to a beloved cat getting adopted.

It was less than a month ago that I sang my paean to Lucia here on Felis Catus. My reasons were two: (1) I adore her and (2) I felt she was one of those cats who falls through the cracks when potential adopters visit, nudged out of the spotlight by flashier felines with louder personalities.Lucia

But no sooner did that first Lucia-centric post publish, than a process was set in motion that would guarantee Lucia would never fall between any kind of cracks again.

Just a week or so after Lucia’s blog post went public, she hit the big time (as “big” goes in Ringoes, NJ, anyhow). Lucia was selected as our local newspaper’s “adoptable pet of the week,” and…well, we all know where that leads.

Lucia, my loves, has left the building. That’s right: the emerald of Suite C is in her very own forever home – and Mr. and Mrs. Lucia are positively smitten with their girl.

LuciaFor my part, I can’t blame them.

Well, actually…I can. And I do. For taking Lucia away, that is.

All kidding aside, I am thrilled for our dainty, quiet snuggle-bug. This forever home is everything Lucia deserved. Her whole roller-coaster ride – from a house with 40+ cats, to a time of terror cowering in our Quarantine area, to a sweeter season in Suite C – has led to this point. She has a whole lifetime to adore and be adored by the family that belongs to her now.

And that makes saying goodbye easier…on a cognitive level, anyway. Yes, my brain agrees eagerly, yes, it is excellent that Lucia should leave Tabby’s Place.  Yes, I am happy – cognitively happy – to see her set sail for a forever home.

But ah, my foolish heart.

LuciaFunny how it doesn’t get any easier. No matter how many favorites I adore, no matter how many times I say tearful, thrilled, dismayed-but-mostly-delighted “good goodbyes,” I can’t become immune to that happy cataclysm that certain cats wreak on my heart.

I guess this is a good thing. The day I stop caring, stop feeling a twinge of sorrow, when a beloved cat leaves, is the day my heart has grown too cold. I don’t plan on giving that day a chance (as if I had a choice in the matter). Rest assured that there will be many tear-stained-yet-happy posts yet ahead as I give my foolish heart away over and over again.

How can I do anything other when there are cats like Lucia involved?

The moral of the story? It is, as some great sage once said, all good. Good for all of us foolish-hearted human beans that get to love and love and love again. Good for all of the cats who fill our hearts. And so much more than good for the one and only Lucia.

9 thoughts on “Santa Lucia sets sail

  1. Yay! Lucia is such a sweet girl! I am thrilled for her and her new family. Now if only Ace would stop falling through the cracks and have the same great luck! He’s always one of my best fur buddies every time I visit Tabby’s Place. 🙂

  2. Wooohooo!!!! Lucky Lucia and very lucky Mr and Mrs Lucia! She is beauitful – I don’t remember meeting her myself, and I think I would because she looks exactly like my Skeeter – sadly, I guess I overlooked her too – it doesn’ matter now, her family found her!!!!!
    Hugs and purrs to the Lucky Lucia family!

  3. Lucky Lucia! As a rescued cat myself in the UK, I know that often a ‘plainer’ coats and a quiet personality get overlooked, even when we have the sweetest nature and so much to offer. Even if we DO occasionally ‘borrow’ a bit of food…..

    Lovely story which made Her (my personal valet) get a bit tearful.

    Keep up the good work!

    Gertrude Small
    (A Tubby & White from Oxfordshire in the UK)

  4. How could you not look at that beautiful little gal’s face and not fall in love with her? Lucia, here’s wishing you and your new humans a lifetime of joy and companionship filled with love and laughter.

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