Epilogues: October 2019

Epilogues: October 2019

The clocks are changing.

The colors are changing.

And you and me and 125 cats…we’re changing, too.

Some of us are really OK with Halloween being over.

By the time you read this, you’ve (hopefully) changed out of your Captain Marvel costume and into your Ugly Pants to settle in for a new round of Epilogues.

November is beckoning, luring us with gelatinous cranberries and murderous lines at Macy’s and annual singalongs of “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.”* But before we can fully feast on its offerings, we must tip our hats to the month that was.

And, oh, October, you were a month.

Arrived: Delphine, Edmond, Gazelle, Impala, Moose, Bruce, Bobby, Moira, Myra, Jinx, Martini, Smokey Joe, Delia, Lydia, Ronnie, Shiny

Adopted: Lotti, Costello, James, Jefferson, Oink, Moo, Ween, Lila, Meg, Freddie

Really, really OK.

Forever Foster Fabulosity: Norman, with none less than the forever phenomenal Karina

Returned: Daphne, Justin, Clawdia

Cleared from Quarantine: Muppet, Lemon, Mercury (pictured in top banner), Dougal, April, Froggie, Toad, Tadpole, Maynard, Norah, Ween, Andromeda, Perseus, Cassiopeia, Corvus, Marty, Gregory (pictured in top thumbnail), Mollie, Kermit

Banished to Ringworm: Koda, Ronnie, Delia, Lydia

Stuff We Learned: There ain’t no party like a Tabby’s Place party, ’cause a Tabby’s Place party has a Turkish cat dressed as a banana split.

Would I lie to you?

So speed on, all you beautiful souls. You’ve still got half a plastic pumpkin full of Kit Kats and a whole month full of miracles and wonder, so let’s get to feasting.

*Wait, that’s just me? But…but…the gales of November came early! 

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  1. October – what can I say? Tabby’s Place took in a Moira and a Myra? A Moo and a Moose? (and a Bruce?) and aren’t they all Shiny? But you gotta love a Smokey Joe! I don’t know if Tabby’s Place is a beautiful neighborhood or a magic bubble, but I do know you are wonderful.

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