Epilogues: April 2024

Epilogues: April 2024

Being earth’s most responsible species, cats are price-conscious about signs and wonders.

April 2024 gave them the ultimate bang for their buck.

In a mere thirty days, Tabby’s Place received a value pack of omens and portents.

We are still in the midst of our Remember the Seniors fund drive. When you remember the seniors, they can forget everything sad and focus on the birds. Rick and Patches hope you like the sound of that (click them to donate).

Let us review the month that was. Some celestial Costco saw fit to bestow the cats with:

One (1) earthquake, magnitude “did that volunteer just belch?”

One (1) eclipse, albeit off the beaten path of totality.

One (1) cruel and unusual April Fool’s Day joke, in which 7-Eleven promised and then retracted Sparkling Hot Dog Water.

Our cats drowsed through the first. They mocked the second. They will not forgive the third. If 7-Eleven should mysteriously declare bankruptcy in May, don’t cry in your Big Gulp. Do blame Lola.

Neptune’s Moons kind of arrived in March, since they arrived inside Neptune. We have consulted NASA to clarify which month should register their debut.

But first, do remember the even more important events of April 2024:

Arrived: Adder, Boa, Mamba, Moccasin, River, Carter, Neso, Sao, Triton, Despina, Galatea (pictured in thumbnail), Clairee, Spud, Truvy, Jackson, Verne, Rupert, Allen, Sparky, Affogato, Surprise, Tada, Googly, Moogly, Voila, Emperatriz

Adopted: Paterson, Beethoven, Mort & Aimee (together), Winky, Maeve, Collette, Bashful & Grumpy (together), Tabitha, DeKalb, Katniss & Blackberry (together), Pol (YES POL! YES HE WON THE POLL! YES I AM YELLING!)

Returned: DeKalb, Marillo

Promoted to the Community Room: Apricot, Jamie

Shelby delivered four dumplings and adopted a fifth (Rupert, at far right). Love can always pull up one more chair.

Promoted to the Lobby: Waffles & Chickadee

Promoted to the Lounge: Leo

Promoted to Heaven: Unicorn

Stuff We Learned: The sun is small enough to be swallowed like a gumball. The littlest kitten is too large to be eclipsed.

If you are a glutton for razzle-dazzle, May may let feel like a let-down.

But if you are just a glutton, take heart: you are on the path of totality towards becoming feline. You have a proper economy of scale for “big news.”

If you love cats, you always have something to look forward to.

If Lola is successful, it may include hot dog water. Raise a glass to May.

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