Bialy speaks

Bialy speaks

101112-bialy-5…and climbs, and runs up stairs, apparently.

He also has his own e-mail address.

I am not making any of this up.

Since finding his forever home a month ago yesterday, “baby” Bialy has been making some big discoveries. (Bigger than a breadbox. Bigger than his own bulbous belly. Big.) He’s meeting new siblings (including fellow Tabby’s Place alum Joe), gobbling up his momma and poppa’s affection (and other gobblables), and growing up.

Bialy...atop the stairs? But how did the bobbly boy get up there?
Bialy...atop the stairs? But how did the bobbly boy get up there?

But rather than natter on myself, I’ll let the big boy tell his own tale. The following e-mail was sent to me from Bialy’s personal account:

“I’ve been busy having a lot of fun in my new home! My brothers and sisters are still ignoring me (unless they hiss at me) but that’s OK with me, ’cause I know once they realize how nice I am it’ll be OK and we’ll all be friends!

“I spend my day eating, sleeping, eating, playing, eating, watching the birds and squirrels out back, eating and sleeping some more. I’m not too picky about my food anymore, I know if I act like I don’t like something, my momma will bring me something else to try. I like Fancy Feast special cans and all 3 Fancy Feast dry flavors all mixed up so I don’t get bored. Sometimes I have to meow a little bit to get my dry food filled up again, ’cause momma says I can only have a little bit at a time so she can watch how much I eat. I’m getting a bit too pudgy, but of course I’m still adorable.

“I’m getting a little exercise now that I’ve decided to come out of my room and explore! There are a lot of rooms for me to check out. It’s a big world outside my room, and I’m doing my best to be brave and look around a lot.

“Oh – guess what I did yesterday – I found stairs!! I can go downstairs now all by myself. I’m not allowed to, though, unless my momma and poppa are home and watching me so I don’t fall and get hurt. I go real slow and walk from side to side on the stairs. (Momma says good, that’s more exercise). I can go up the stairs really fast, though, ’cause I kinda run up them – I think this is really fun. I went down and up 5 times last night before you-know-who carried me back upstairs and made me stay in my room to rest.


“I explore the family room when I’m downstairs – I like to hide behind the sofa and pretend nobody can find me. Poppa is waiting to see how long it takes me to realize I can go down the back stairs and then up the front stairs and make a big loop. My brothers & sisters do that when they play.

“Yesterday was a big day for me. I even slept in my own room last night all by myself. (Note from Angela: Bialy’s momma had been sleeping on the floor in his room with him every night for the last month. Yes, he is that loved.) Until I started to go down the stairs, I was allowed out of room during the night too, but now that I’m big and brave I have to sleep in my room again so I don’t get hurt. Momma was sure I was going to cry since I was by myself, but I was good and didn’t meow at all. I think I was tired from my busy day. I think I slept more than Momma did last night, ’cause she was worried I was lonely. I was a little tired today, too, so I didn’t start to explore again until about 5:00 tonight.

“Joe had to go the doctor yesterday for his check-up, and he even got 2 needles. I heard Momma tell Poppa that Joe turned into ‘psycho-kitty’ while he was there! I don’t know what that means, but I don’t think it’s something good. I know she said he was hissing and growling, and the doctor and the vet techs wouldn’t let Momma get close to him in case he bit her. Momma doesn’t think he would have bit her, but he was so scared I guess he might have. Maybe he remembers all the times he was in a car and thought he might not be coming home again. Both Momma & Poppa told him (and me too) that no matter what we do, they still love us bunches and this is our furrever home and family! We don’t ever have to worry about not having a family that loves us! I won’t behave like Joe did, ’cause I know even if I’m scared that I’ll always be protected and loved. I already met my new doctor, ’cause he came to my house to meet me! Everybody knows how special I am!!

Camera-shy Joe in his Tabby's Place days
Camera-shy Joe in his Tabby's Place days

“I’ll put pictures of me on the stairs with this letter. Maybe I can get Joe to pose for a new picture for my next letter… Tell all my kitty friends at Tabby’s Place that I said hi, and I’ll write a letter again soon!”

Stairs, e-mail, dinner in triplicate…next thing we know, Bialy will have his own reality show and back-up singers going “hey hey hey, yeah yeah yeah” after everything he says. Fortunately, his momma and poppa aren’t letting him join Facebook until he’s at least two (though I hear he’s hooked on Pinterest already).

And, fortunately, his momma and poppa are hopelessly, helplessly, happily smitten with this eternal kitten. So bask in their glow and rock your rad new life, “little” B. You’ll always be our favorite baby.

Bialy (right) as he looked when we first laid eyes on him in August 2010
Bialy (right) as he looked when we first laid eyes on him in August 2010

5 thoughts on “Bialy speaks

  1. OHMIGOSH!!!! I couldn’t be more THRILLED with how well our boy is doing in his forever home!!! I’ll always love him and I couldn’t be prouder at how adventurous he’s become. Much love to him and his new family!!!

  2. Angela,

    A reality show, now why didn’t I think of that?? The Bialy & Joe Show, sounds kinda good!
    Maybe the boys should do their own blog? That might be fun, I’ll ask them about that idea tonight. I promise you’ll be the first to know their answer!

    Your blogs always amaze me, this one has me speechless! 🙂

  3. HAPPY TEARS!!!!!!! I loved reading this update!!! I think he needs his own Facebook page so we can keep track of him! Not sure what this Pinterest is, but I’ll check it out

  4. Another miracle as only Tabby’s Place can perform — this is what the sanctuary is all about! I can’t wait to see Bialy and Joe hanging out together! And I agree with all my fellow-bloggers…we need a Tabby’s Place reality show!

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