In your Easter bonnet…

In your Easter bonnet…

gabbys-easter-bonnet-007…with all the frills upon it, you out-cute every bunny, duck and little chicky in every storybook ever written.

If, that is, you are Gabriella.

First, I must backtrack a bit. When you delay something too long, you have to pay the consequences. This is a regular principle in life. Leave bananas on the counter for 6 weeks, and you have a mashed, smashed ooze. Don’t do laundry for a month, and you’ll be stuck wearing the emergency back-up underwear.

Don’t post updates on Tashi and Gabriella, and angry bloggers will storm the Bastille with flaming torches.
By which, of course, I mean “politely e-mail Tabby’s Place to ask how things are going.” Same idea.

But she who hesitates is not always lost. And so, to atone for my sin of not posting Tashi/Gabby news sooner, I offer you the following:


Yes. That would be Gabriella, wearing an Easter bonnet. Just in case you think you’re seeing things:


Yup. There she is. Photo courtesy of her ever-loving Ultimate Mama, adopter Rori.

Not enough yumminess for your day? OK, OK. Here’s Tashi:

Bathtime for Tashi. He apparently enjoys it, which is further proof that (a) his forever family was meant to be and (b) miracles happen daily.
Bathtime for Tashi. He apparently enjoys it, which is further proof that (a) his forever family was meant to be and (b) miracles happen daily.

What, you want text, too? Okeydokes…take it away, UltiMama:

“I wanted to keep you posted on Tashi and Gabriella. They are both still doing SO well with us!

tash10“Tashi is as playful and clever as ever! He continues to keep extremely active and do really well with his movement. He and Gabriella are still so close and basically inseparable. Wherever one is, the other is never far behind!

“Gabriella is still doing very well too! She is really becoming more and more adventurous and hardly spends any time in her little cubby at all. She is even starting to take some really wobbly steps in the middle of a room, and does not always look to run toward a wall or piece of furniture for support.

“I have continued to keep Gabby swaddled on and off throughout the day, and I think it is helping her so much. She is much more steady when she gets unwrapped, and that is when she really tries a lot more walking.

“I promise to continue to keep you updated on our precious babies!”gabbyinmamasarms

An Easter bonnet. A mama who swaddles her. A brother who just so happens to be Tashi. All for a cat who started life with scarcely a trace of a cerebellum, and no one to call her own.

It’s a new life, and the best is yet to come for the Tashmonster and Gabriella.

How right that, around Easter, we be reminded again that miracles do happen.

5 thoughts on “In your Easter bonnet…

  1. Such wonderful miracles for both Tashi and Gabriella!!! Thanks to UltiMama for the awesome update and the even more awesome pics!!! LOVE to both babies!!!!

  2. WOW, I don’t have words to describe how happy I am knowing that both Tashi & Gabriella are so loved and happy in their new furrever home! UltiMama – you are the best!! I still have the phone message from the day you adopted both of these precious babies and I still fill with happy tears listening to it.
    On a personal note I MUST thank you UltiMama – when you adopted Tashi, you helped me convince my husband that we needed to bring Bialy home, after all his best buddy at the time had just been adopted. Enjoy your babies, I miss them both but we can all tell how much you love them and spoil them! The pictures say it all! Another ” happily ever after” story because of the love at Tabby’s Place!!

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