Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

110817-macaroon-1You heard it here first: Macaroon is a real cookie.

The only survivor of the cookie litter, little ‘Roon has carried the flame for her dear departed siblings Biscotti, Pfefferneuse and Snickerdoodle. Today, she’s carried that flame – and all the love you can fit into the entire Keebler cookie factory – right into a forever home of her own. But don’t take my word for it. Today I’m elated to hand the blog over to Macaroon’s AwesomeAdopter. Let’s call him PapaRoon.

PapaRoon writes:

“Macaroon is a real cookie…

“Because I delayed going to Tabby’s Place due to the storm, I went Tuesday instead of the weekend. Sol, who I was hoping to adopt, had already been adopted.

Macaroon loving her forever home
Macaroon loving her forever home

“I now have Macaroon, as you called her. I sent the following message out to all my friends and family: She is a full four months old, 100% black short-haired American feline. She sits on my chest while I am trying to watch TV, cuddles up to my neck and starts licking my mouth, nose and chin like she’s giving me kisses.

“I kissed her back and she did not run away – boy, what a little flirt this one is! No fear of anything yet, except for a red fire truck on the floor in front of the fireplace. I had her sit on it while I pushed it, and now she likes it.

“But now I need a name for her. Macaroon is a cookie and NOT BLACK. I need something that either captures her personality, or a name in French that describes Black, Dark, Night, etc. Got any ideas? I’m going to ask my granddaughters to participate as well.

“I JUST LOVE this little cat, and she is being spoiled!”

 You heard the man, Felis Catus folk, and I know you’re up for the challenge. Bring on the names for this little angel!

7 thoughts on “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

  1. Congratulations PapaRoon!
    You have a very special new kitty (I had my eye on her too…) Over the years we’ve had many black cats – Magic, Mischief, Merlin, and Jake. We now share our home with Bridgette, Abby (both came with those names – little girls found guilty of witchcraft in Salem, MA) and Tabby’s Place’s very own “Joe”. All were/are very spoiled and very loved, just as I can already tell little Macaroon is. Enjoy her and let us know what her new name will be.

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