Update: Francis and the boys from Islip

Update: Francis and the boys from Islip

RustyI’ll let you in on a little secret.

If you’ve adopted a cat from Tabby’s Place, you have the power to make my day, and the days of at least five other human beans and 100 cats. And, if you’ve adopted three especially amazing Tabby’s Place alumni, you have the power to send us into the joy-stratosphere. Exhibit A: this e-mail from the Rusty-Brando-Francis Family:

Rusty & Brando in their forever homeAngela,

We thought you would like to know how Rusty is doing. He was still hiding at his 3-day check-up, but almost immediately after that he started coming out to be seen. He has made amazing progress — more than we could have hoped.

He comes out to be petted and rolls around on the floor (see the attached pictures). He and Brando have taken up where they left off. They roll around and play together frequently. We have noticed that Brando now sleeps more—I think Rusty must wear him out! It makes us happy to watch the two of them together Brando & Rusty (with Francis looking on)(you can even see big brother Francis in one picture–watching the shenanigans).

Rusty really is a sweet boy and is genuinely loving (just like Brando and Francis). We are very glad they all are part of our family.

Thanks for the great work that you do.

Rusty-Brando-Francis Family, we knew it would take an especially awesome set of human beans to keep these kitties rolling. For skittish Rusty to be so “pettable” in his first week with you is a sign of something stellar: he knows he’s home, with the human beans he was meant to adore. To say it gives me glee to know how they are thriving, and how Rusty and Brando have resumed one of the greatest kitty-friendships in history, is the understatement of the century.Rusty loving his forever home

So celebrate those shenanigans. Revel in the ridiculousness. And love them well - as you are clearly doing with great gusto.

6 thoughts on “Update: Francis and the boys from Islip

  1. Awwww….I’m all choked up. I love a good happy ending! I’m so happy for Rusty, Brando & Francis to have landed in such a wonderful forever home where such love abounds.

  2. YAY Rusty!!! 🙂 I’m so happy to hear he came out of his shell and that him and Brando are back where the left off!! Thanks so much for the update! I’ve been wondering how he was doing!

  3. What a wonderful ending, I recall many months ago, I said when Brando was adopted that it would be great if Rusty could go also. It took a while but it did happen. Thank you adopters.

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