News from Casa Z

News from Casa Z

Patch + Ginger 4evrAwesome: a sweet adoption.

Awesome squared: BFF felines adopted together.

Awesome to the nth degree: regular, glorious photo updates on those very BFFs gobbling up the joy they deserve.

GingerBehold the sweet life of Tabby’s Place’s legendary lovers, our Bogey & Bacall: Patch and Ginger. Special thanks to their miracle mama, Pat Z, for treating us with this sweeter-than-marzipan update.


Everyone is doing splendidly over here at Casa Z. Ginger is quite honestly the mushiest little girl EVAH and so settled. There is not a moment she’s not in the mix, getting into the action and totally letting me kiss her head and all over her sweet little Torbie self and loving it like a wiggle worm.

OK, time for an editorial break-in here: be it known that, for her first year-and-a-half-plus at Tabby’s Place, Ginger was decidedly unsnuggly with the human variety. Eventually she would let us pet her, all the while scrunching her face into a very clear expression that screamed, This will be over soon. At least it will if there’s any justice in the world. Funny how “justice” works out after all. OK, back to Casa Z…Patch

She and Patch mush and play fight so much and they are so happy together. Everyone truly loves each other. It is one very happy household! I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to have them all in my life.

And, I think Ginger is finally winning over my little red cat, Cancun. He’ll be laying next to me and she will literally full-body mush him, lay down and actually, roll over and almost lay on him. Mind you, Cancun is like 8.5 pounds! (Editor’s note: Ginger is…um, considerably more than 8.5 pounds.) Then, of course, she looks up at me with the cutest smile – and he’ll pretend to get stern with her and end up licking her ears and face. I believe he is done fighting the losing battle against her overabundant bursting affections (well, almost).From top to bottom, Patch, Ginger, Mattie & Cancun

Patch is awesome with the felines but still a little skittish at times with the beans (sudden moves mostly), otherwise, he keeps to his incredible ritual of waiting for me to wake up every morning and then coming to head butt me and purr over and over again until I get up. Honestly, it’s got to be one of the sweetest, best parts of my day! At night, he has his special place on the bed and lounges out like a little rock star!

I honestly know how much he loves me – he totally does. He’s always following me around and trying to be stealthy about watching me but honestly, the guy is plainly fascinated with me “what’s she doing now?” “I wonder if she notices me spying at her around the corner?” LOL. But I was right – it’s going to take him a really long time to be completely at ease – and I am so looking forward to seeing complete serenity engulf him one day. Sigh.

Patch & Ginger Pat, you are the kind of human bean who engulfs us in serenity here at Tabby’s Place. May you be ever more richly rewarded with the trust of the twosome who were always smitten with one another…and who are now, quite clearly, head-over-heels for you, too.

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