Two are better than one: the sweetest siblings

Two are better than one: the sweetest siblings

Monica & ChandlerEvery so often, we’re graced with a pair of cats who belong together. It’s as if one beautiful heart beats in two furry bodies.

Naturally, we have no choice but to respect these everlasting bonds. You don’t break up Bogey and Bacall, George and Gracie…or Monica and Chandler.

Chandler and MonicaAnd so it is that our reveling siblings have found their forever home together. I’m thrilled to report that the revelry is contagious: Chandler and Monica‘s new human beans have clearly caught the glee that these two exude.

In a week where we were reminded that sometimes it doesn’t work out, it’s especially gratifying to see that, sometimes, it really really works out. Monica and Chandler lingered a long time at Tabby’s Place – scandalously long, for a pair of kittens – because their timidity was a deal-breaker for many folks.

But Monica & Chandler’s new family is a different breed. I’ll let Mrs. Taco Belle’s love-laden words tell the story. (Read on for the explanation of that name.)

Chandler & MonicaThank you all for your support and assistance with the adoption of Chandler and Monica (now, respectively, Taco and Belle).

The name Taco came about while playing off of my husband’s…Mexican ancestry. The added fun with Taco is when you say it backwards…go ahead, give it a try! We soon discovered there are a lot of fun names that go well with Taco, like Cilantro, Fajita, Tico or even Paco. In the end, Belle seemed rather perfect for such a pretty girl. I hope you all agree!

It is only Day 2 with the cats and as predicted, they have gone hiding.

Even in a 10′ x 10′ bedroom, they found a way to get into the cavity of the “lofabed”. That’s fine with us as long as they feel safe! They are coming out to eat when we aren’t in the room. Last night between 1:30 am and 8:30 am this morning, they had themselves a real party, as the sheets covering the lofabed were one big mess, the food bowls were clean and toys were scattered. If this happens again tomorrow morning, I’m taking a photo of the after party!Monica/Belle (at Tabby's Place before her adoption)

Right now, I’m typing this while on the lofabed in their “transition” room. I want them to get used to my voice. Earlier I called my Mom and Grandma, and the call, Taco came out, only to see me. He curiously looked at me and then slowly went back into hiding. Fifteen minutes later, out came Belle with the same end result. (I wonder if they agreed on taking turns?)

No doubt, when I leave, they will both be out for a feast once they determine the once and for all that the “coast is clear.” (My husband) is going to be so jealous that I got to see them…even for a few seconds.

Chandler/TacoJust seeing them today has made me very happy. No worries, we’ll give them as much time as they need.

And feast your hearts on this follow-up just five sweet days later…

It is now Day 7 (or one week) since we adopted Taco and Belle. We’ve had a lot of fun with these two so far and they are doing great!

Until today, they’ve been in the ‘Cat Room’ (spare bedroom) of our place, so they can become slowly adjusted to their new environment. Monica/Belle & Chandler/Taco

Each day since they arrived, (my family has)spent time in the room (sometimes individually, sometimes in pairs), getting to know the cats and playing “String On a Stick” – which is undoubtedly their favorite game.

They have been doing well (especially Taco) and there has been much the interest in the world beyond “The Door.” So in the last two days, we have let Taco venture out on his own (under our observation) down the great hallway. Of course, we were certain to leave an easy path…for him to retreat back to the safety of the ‘Cat Room,’ which he took advantage of. Each venture out, Taco has become a little more self-assured. (Watching the head bob up and down in curiousity is quite funny.)

Monica/Belle and Chandler/TacoBelle actually ventured out too, but I do believe there was at least one toe (or two feet) that were still in the safety zone. I’m so proud of her!

Taco is quite affectionate now and after a few minutes of “String,” he will let us pet him. He does adorable cat things, like rubbing his face on the carpet and flopping onto his side and exposing his beautiful while chest and belly. He purrs and nudges. I think we should have named him Casanova, as he really is a charmer. (Can you tell I’m in love?)

Belle, at this point, is still very skittish. None of us have attempted to pet her yet, as it’s clear she isn’t quite ready. Although she does come out and about to observe and is a skillful “String” player, the slightest of movements can spook her. She will hunker down in a safe place and blink at you when you talk to her, though. She and I are making a connection – ever so slowly. There is a sweet kitty in there somewhere, we know it. Monica/Belle & Chandler/Taco

So, today is a big day for them! The door of the Cat Room was intentionally left wide open, allowing them to explore the rest of the house as they please, on their own terms, if they are ready. The bedrooms and basement are off limits for now. We’ll continue to take this one step at a time.

Each day is a new chapter and happily for me they have begun to fill that hole that was created due to (our previous kitty)’s departure. I’m so thankful for that!

My heart is happy-dancing that there are people like you in this world, Mrs. Taco Belle. Belle and Taco are blessed to be yours, loved exactly as they are. As your babies bloom, may you revel in all the love they have to give. You deserve it!

8 thoughts on “Two are better than one: the sweetest siblings

  1. What wonderful news!! I’m so happy that those two sweeties were adopted together. It was obvious that they adored each other. Much love to Mrs. Taco Belle and family for giving them time to adjust.

  2. That is great news. Having her brother Chandler/Taco with her should help Monica/Belle grow more confident faster than if she were alone. Big cheers to Mrs. Taco Belle for keeping them together! May they all have many happy years to come…

  3. I was so hoping that this pair of snuggle bunnies would be adopted together–and to just the right home. Sounds like I got what I hoped for on both counts. Congrats to Chandler, Monica, and their entire new family!

  4. So wonderful to read. As the mama to a bonded brother and sister pair, I know how amazing it is to watch the love and the care between them, even more than 6 years later.

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