Triumph of the ‘Weez

Triumph of the ‘Weez

Eloise by DanielleWho knows what dreams may be had under the couch?

All I can say is that they must be sweet, because all those days spent under the couch and dreaming have led to some stellar waking hours for Eloise and Lady Grey.

You may recall that these terrified BFFs were the shyest of the shy at Tabby’s Place not long ago. While other timid cats dared at least to see and be seen, Lady Grey and Eloise pinned themselves beneath the one thing that gave them a sense of security…the couch.

But the subterranean world is no match for the gentle hands, cooing voices and long-suffering backs (more on that later) of a few good volunteers at Tabby’s Place.

Lady Grey by DanielleIf Eloise and Lady Grey were going to live entirely under the couch, then under the couch was precisely where they would be loved. From Weezy-smitten volunteer John to senior vet tech Denise, who once allowed Eloise to throw off her entire morning schedule for the sake of some snuggles, the girls with the courage shortage have had a cavalcade of angels on their side – or, rather, under their couch.

Yes, there’s been only one way to love on the girls: going subterranean with them.

It’s not been unusual to glance into Adoption Room #3 and find a volunteer turning himself into an acrobat-slash-yoga-master to fit face and hands under the couch. Many a spinal injury has been risked by the lovers of Lady Grey and the ‘Weez this way. Ah, the things we do for love.

Lady Grey...out and about!Far from resenting these tender intrusions, Eloise has welcomed human beans’ efforts to enter her world on her terms. For weeks now, she’s rewarded reaching hands with the cutest calico rolls and rumble-purrs, thoroughly enjoying each drop of affection from sur la couch.

But it would seem those days are over.

The ‘Weez is done with being an undercover cat.

Now it’s surprising not to see a certain angelic, roly-poly face turned up to greet you as you enter the room. If you stop by Adoption Room #3, you won’t have to go looking (or contorting yourself) for Eloise. Very likely, she and Webster will be waiting right at the door for you, ready for a snugglefest of epic proportions.

Yes, some Very Good Things happened under the couch for Weezy. Transformative good things, in fact.

Eloise & Lady Grey, by JessBut what of her tiny, grey, always-shyer “sister?” Eloise was always at least a teensy bit interested in our species, so it’s less of a shock that she should bloom. But Lady Grey’s fear seemed so intractable, her clinging to the couch so invincible…

Well, hold onto your hats, because the triumph of the ‘Weez seems to be contagious. Lo and behold: Lady Grey is no longer couch-bound. As you can see in these sweet moments captured by John of It’s All Good and our videographer Jess, our littlest Lady is finding her courage. Next up: finding out how lovely it is to let us love her.

Who can say what sweet dreams and waking wonders happen under the couch? I wouldn’t presume to put into words the healing that happens between a gentle human gaze and a petrified cat when said cat is adored exactly as she is.

Eloise & Lady Grey by John of It's All GoodBut I will certainly presume to rejoice in it.

And, I’ll let you in on a little personal aside. We’ve all heard the expression “go to your happy place,” yes? Well…for some time now, my happy place has been none other than Adoption Room #3. Some may find respite in balmy beaches or English gardens…but I’ll take the unabashed, undeserved, unconditional love of Lilly, Cali, Jade, Webster – and now the ‘Weez, and someday Lady Grey and even Ali? – any day.

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  1. With all the caring and loving that the cats at Tabby’s Place receive from the staff and volunteers, it is just a matter of time before even the most frightened and timid cats realize that they are fortunate enough to be in a very special place, and come out of their shells. Maybe next on the wish list should be a dance floor, I’m sure Fred would approve.

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