Thoughts from Larry: Super cats of Tabby’s Place

Thoughts from Larry: Super cats of Tabby’s Place

Larry with YasmineSuper volunteer Larry is back with his musings for our Felis Catus family. Larry, on behalf of many friends of at least two species, I thank you for being you. 🙂

the Tabby who started it all“There have been over 600 cats that have passed through our sanctuary. A super cat named Tabby inspired an idea that has blossomed into one of the wonders of the world. I can say “Wonders of the World” because the idea JR dreamed of is now a reality.

We credit JR for the idea, (and we should) but it does not explain the wonder of Tabby’s Place. That belongs to the cats and the staff (paid and volunteers). The cats, the work we do belong to all of us. They are ours, and we take possession of them. This may explain why we are successful but it doesn’t explain the wonder.

The wonder is the cats and the unconditional love they show. They don’t feel sorry for themselves. They don’t judge people based on their looks or status in life. They accept what they are, and what comes their way, making the most of it. True happiness comes from giving, not receiving. As a result of this we all benefit. We are all part of Tabby’s Place. The wonder of Tabby’s Place is the good that is generated.

As such, Tabby’s Place is truly one of the Wonders of the World.”

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