Update: Ginger and Patch (and Mattie, and Cancun, and Pat)

Update: Ginger and Patch (and Mattie, and Cancun, and Pat)

Ginger, blissful in her forever home with Pat (and Patch!)Warning: this post may cause spontaneous and ebullient happy-dances across the land. 😉

It’s now official. Patch and Ginger were reunited on Saturday, and, just two days later, their mama Pat writes in with this update on Ginger, Patch, and their feline housemates Mattie (of whom Patch has apparently become quite enamored in the time away from Ginger) and Cancun. It’s almost too good to be true…but I guess that’s just what ”meant to be” looks like. Special thanks to Pat for being such a phenomenal cat-mom, and for sharing this awesome news with us.

Patch's first reaction to seeing Ginger at home, by Pat“Hi Angela,

Just thought I would pass along a few details of the much anticipated Patch and Ginger Reunion!

Unfortunately, it didn’t go quite as expected (but what ever does? :). I should have known when I saw the look on Patch’s face when he first saw Ginger in the carrier. He was like, “what the HECK did you bring into my house??” The picture of Patch in the pink flower bed were his happy, carefree days…lol.

First, Ginger settled in like a dream. She got out of her carrier and was incredibly at ease. When Patch and her were finally face to face, there was the requisite sniffing that ended with Patch hissing. Shocking, but yes. Patch continued to hiss at her almost every time they passed for the next day or so, which made me very confused since he’s a cat lover!

Patch in his flower bed, by PatBut then I thought there was more going on: whenever Mattie was nice to Ginger, Patch got mad at Mattie! But Mattie obviously managed to make amends and calm Patch down, so I think we are ok. In fact, there is hope, as this morning Patch and Ginger butted heads and Patch only half-heartedly swatted at her. I think he is just making sure she knows who’s in charge (and maybe that Mattie is the “#1wife” right now?) but still, she can’t help herself: every time Ginger sees him, she runs over – willing to take whatever he decides to give. That’s love I guess 🙂

So my little friend now has full run of the house. The first night she wiggled out of her private room, ran downstairs, jumped up on the couch and promptly took over Mattie’s favorite pillow. Mattie and her were almost immediately best friends – licking and grooming each other. It is uncanny.

Ginger (right) with new brother Cancun, by PatCancun hardly noticed anyone new has joined the family – like “Oh, ok – you live here now, too. Cool.” The only time he showed much interest is when I put down her food – then he helped himself to a little snack. At this point, there is no need to keep Ginger separate – she is such a super sweet, social little darling.

She jumped up on the bed with the rest of us last night and when anyone was getting petted, she came right over for her share. She is so wiggly when you get the right spot – and her purr!! GORGEOUS. She follows the pack when we move room to room and she stretches out almost in the middle of the area purring and looking adorable. I can tell she is so confident and happy – no one is mean to her or bothers her – and I am so happy!!

Ginger (right) with Cancun, by PatI think Ginger is going to be a major love cat, too! She comes right over whenever I put out my hand and already lets me scratch her belly and get her “eye boogers” out. It usually takes a bit more time to get that close – which once again proves to me that you have thoroughly succeeded in your mission at Tabby’s Place, by not only saving their precious lives, but giving them an amazing home where they can let their guard down and trust people again until they find their “forever home”. It’s almost as if she’s lived here forever! Ginger is light years ahead of where Patch was when he joined our family and it is already so into the groove.

Wow. Another meant to be for me! Thank you!!”

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  1. Ohmigosh! I definitely want to start a happy dance right now! How wonderful it is to hear that Miss Ginger is so settled into her forever home. I LOVE a happy ending! Best wishes to all the kitties and their mom.

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