The Spice and the Duck

The Spice and the Duck

AniseBreaking news from Tabby’s Place: two of our most recent alumni have decided to pick up where the Spice Girls left off, and start their own, two-cat pop band: the Spice Ducks. If Anise (The Spice) and Drake (The Duck) have their way, they will be an international sensation before the end of the summer.

OK, or at least they’ll have the heart of one smitten family.

As a matter of fact, they can cross that off their “to-do” list, because it’s a done deal. And it’s an especially sweet deal, too, because the original plan involved only one cat.

When a loving couple came to Tabby’s Place, their intention was to adopt one, declawed cat. While we never declaw cats at Tabby’s Place, and stipulate in our adoption contract that no Tabby’s Place cat is ever to be declawed, from time to time cats come to us already-clawless. So, we introduced the couple to our handful of declawed sweeties.

Including Drake.Drake

Our sable-hued chatterbox made quick work of informing the couple that he would be their newest family member, thank-you-very-much. At long last, the ebullient Drake had a family. But he wasn’t done with his mission: now he needed to bring along his best girl, dainty Anise.

One of the “spice girls” (the others being Paprika, Juniper and Zedoary), Anise actually had come in at a different time and under different circumstances than Drake. But the Tabby’s Place Matchmaking Agency made a match with these two, and they joined forces to tilt this adoption in their mutual favor. By the end of the young couple’s visit, they couldn’t bear to leave behind either Drake or Anise…and so two cats, the Duck and the Spice, had found their forever home.

AniseIn a delightful turn of events, almost the moment Drake and Anise were put on hold to be adopted together, the two of them decided it was about time they became best friends. Although they’d been amicable with one another in the past, they now almost immediately took to cuddling, grooming each other, and in every way showing the fact that they knew they were a permanent pair. Who’s to say they didn’t truly know?

And, now, their friendship has been turned into a permament family bond – with one another and with their very own, very smitten human beans. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for…the Spice and the Duck! 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Spice and the Duck

  1. Aawwww….what a neat story! And yaaaaay for your declawing policy. The place I adopted my Smudgie from also made me sign something saying I wouldn’t declaw. Best of luck to your latest alum and kudos to the new adopters!

  2. Congratulations to all involved!! What a lovely story. There’s nothing like a happy ending. 🙂 I’m so pleased that Drake and Anise are going to be together and that they’re sharing the love already. God bless Tabby’s Place!

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