Rumor has it…

Rumor has it…

RumorFar be it from me to suggest that our cats like to gossip…in fact, I can say with great confidence that there’s at least one Rumor definitely not going around Tabby’s Place.

Not anymore, at least.

Don Knotts - separated from Rumor at birth?OK, end of bad puns and onto the happy news: Rumor, the cat who looks like Don Knotts, has been adopted.

Now, I’m of the mind that every good adoption was meant to be – and this one, in particular, has some sweet history to it. Rumor’s new “mama” actually saw and clipped out Rumor’s photo in one of our local papers about a year ago, when Rumor was the “pet of the week.” Rumor’s mom has a special place in her heart for black-and-white cats, and something about Rumor just caught her fancy right away – and clearly hadn’t let go a year later!

Rumor and her new mamaI tip my invisible hat to our patient volunteer cat-socializing team for Rumor’s growing confidence and friendliness over the past year. There was a time when Rumor would dash away in terror at the first rumor of human attention (ok, I’m really trying to stop the wordplay :-)). By the time of her adoption, though, Rumor eagerly gobbled up affection, rolling from side to side in her basket to let visiting friends pet every inch of her.

I hear that Rumor’s lovey-dove ways have skyrocketed in her first week in her new home: she’s become a kitty-brush conneisseur, loving her grooming sessions with her mom, and she’s apparently hit it off immediately with her new “big brother” Sammy.

This feline friendship is no surprise from Rumor’s side -  she was rarely seen more than 2 millimeters away from Rumor and Gingeranother cat during her time at Tabby’s Place, and was typically in the middle of a heap of felines at all times. (In fact, Rumor’s tender-hearted adopter expressed some concern that Rumor’s bestest buddy, Ginger, would be forlorn without her friend. Don’t worry about Ginger, though; she’s not too particular about her snuggle-buds, and is already cuddling up with KurtSylvan, Star and Venice.) . Big kudos are in order for Sammy; as an “only cat” for many years, it’s quite gentlemanly of him to welcome the new girl so warmly.

Then again, maybe he heard the rumor that she’s a real love bug. 🙂

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