The Value Meal

The Value Meal

Wendy, Chalupa, Chili, French Fry and Big Mac“Amazing.”

That’s the word that keeps coming to my heart.

Big Mac, French Fry, Chili and Chalupa

Amazing – that’s brand-new-mama cat Wendy, purring, chirping, grooming herself and her babies with laid-back, loving ease, and even head-butting the latex-gloved hands of her newest human friends.

Amazing – that’s the quartet of newborns (Big Mac, Chalupa, Chili and French Fry, aka “The Value Meal”), doing exactly what they were created to do, clinging to brand-new-mama and sharing a chorus of purrs and tiny soprano squeaks in response to her alto chirrups as she nourished them with herself.

Amazing – that’s Jonathan, Danielle and Denise, knowing just what to do for the Value Meal family, and doing it with such tenderness, patience…and joy.

Wendy with Big Mac, French Fry, Chalupa and ChiliI am mesmerized. I am amazed. And I am so blessed to witness this sacred symphony of love and brand new life.

Expect more news on Wendy and her Value Meal babies in the coming days. In the meantime…be amazed and awestruck with me.

* Special thanks to Denise for these beyond-precious shots of the new family.

2 thoughts on “The Value Meal

  1. After coping with the losses of your feline friends, it must be doubly-amazing for all of you there to see something like this. Congratulations to all (especially the proud mama).

  2. Congratulations on your Value Meal!! My human, Tommy, says you’ll have so much fun with the itty bitty cats as they grow. That’s what Tommy said she was with us. Tommy called us Fresh out of the Oven. Never had newborn kittens before and didn’t even know our mom was pregnant, until she the four of under Tommy’s bed two years ago. Tommy thought the cats she took in her were male–guess, she was in denial–and didn’t bother to get em nip/tucked–until–well, when it was too late. 🙂

    CONGRATS! We look forward to reading your adventures!

    Noir in Texas

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