Freda: Forever in our Hearts

Freda: Forever in our Hearts

freda-4-2-2009-3-53-112After enjoying four wonderful weeks at Tabby’s Place our dear Freda made her journey to the rainbow bridge. On Monday I was sadden to find that Freda had lost nearly half a pound and was having difficulty holding her body temperature. I placed her in our hospital and put her on heat support while waiting for our vet tech Denise to contact Dr. Collins for further instructions. We feared that Freda had developed another upper respiratory infection, so we began administering antibiotics. One of our very dedicated volunteers even ran to the store and purchased a humidifier to help clear Freda’s stuffy nose. Freda seemed to brighten up a bit Monday afternoon; although, her appetite was poor. I sat with Freda many times willing her to eat and offering nearly every flavor of canned and dry food I could find. She ate very little on her own, but seemed to take great pleasure in being hand fed.freda-4-2-2009-7-21-5

By Tuesday afternoon Freda began declining rapidly. Denise and I were growing more concerned about her breathing pattern. It had become increasingly more labored and no longer seemed to correlate with an upper respiratory infection. After much deliberation–we were hesitate to put Freda through the stress of being hospitalized again–we decided to send Freda for an evaluation at the emergency hospital. Unfortunately, I was not able to join Freda at the hospital as I had to tend to the other kitties at Tabby’s Place, so Angela kindly volunteered to take her.

After an exam at the hospital it became evident that Freda was in congestive heart failure. There were few options as far as treatment. We could either ease the strain on her heart by removing the fluid around her lungs and risk harm to her kidneys, or we could keep her hydrated to support her kidney function and risk further damage to her heart. Either way, her prognosis was poor.  With heavy hearts we decided it was time to let Freda go. She passed peacefully yesterday afternoon in Angela’s loving arms.

For such a little girl she left a big impression on Tabby’s Place. I will miss her greatly as I know everyone who knew her will. But, I’m grateful for the time I had with her. Thanks to kind hearts at Tabby’s Place and all of you who cared for her so dearly her few short weeks with us were filled with a lifetime of love.

4 thoughts on “Freda: Forever in our Hearts

  1. I got to meet Freda last saturday. i’m so sad to hear this. But i’m glad that she was able to live her last days surrounded by people who care. 🙁

  2. Oh Freda.
    You were in quarantine when I was there last so I never even had a chance to meet you – but I still love you and miss you.
    Much love to those of you who met and cared for Freda and mourn her even more.

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