Grady Update: Cue the Happy Dance

Grady Update: Cue the Happy Dance

GradyWhat I’d like to do right about now is give Grady‘s oncologist a big hug. Yes, the news is that hopeful. On second thought, I think I’ll hug Grady himself instead. Based on this morning’s oncology consult, we may be able to look forward to years of hugging Grady!

It’s no use trying to hold back the best possible news, so I’ll just share it right away: Grady’s oncologist says that, if all goes well, he could enjoy – are you ready for this? – a normal life span. (Now, the oncologist described “a normal life span” as 12-15 years, and Grady’s about 12 right now, but we prefer a more generous definition of “normal” here at Tabby’s Place. We have two flourishing 20-year-old cats with us right now, and we’ve always had a flock of felines thriving at 15+ years of age, so I’m thinking that 12-15 is quite conservative.)

GradyThe “all” that needs to go well is chemotherapy. Although last week’s surgery seems to have successfully removed the entire lung tumor, the oncologist is recommending chemo given how aggressive this cancer can be, plus the fact that the tumor was adhered to the tissue between Grady’s lungs. Grady will be getting follow-up chest X-rays every three months, just to make sure that the tumor hasn’t returned or metastasized anywhere. (I think this regular schedule of X-rays means that we may never see Grady without a shaved abdomen again, but who cares about a unique haircut in the face of a happy, healthy life?)

I hear from our vet tech, Denise, that, as usual, Grady was a quiet and fairly calm fellow for his ride to the oncologist. It’s always so good to have him back home. Every time I approach Grady, he starts to purr and to roll around on his back, and he loves to smoosh his big, round head into my hand with gusto. (One cute Grady habit is rubbing his gums up against my hand while I scratch his chin. I have no clue why this would seem like a good idea to him, but I’m happy to oblige. :-))

Peachy in Grady's favorite chair, at our reception deskGrady’s been on cage rest in our hospital since his surgery, but now that we have his treatment plan in hand, we’re planning to move him back into our lobby on Monday. I’m afraid that this will bring a fresh challenge for Grady…facing the wrath of Peachy. Since Grady’s been on cage rest in our Hospital, beautiful-but-fiery flame point Siamese sweetie Peachy has moved to the lobby, and wouldn’t you know she’s chosen the reception desk – Grady’s reception desk – as her personal territory. (Check her out in Grady’s favorite chair at left.) I love Peachy, but she doesn’t love cats, and if she gives Grady any guff, I’ll be the first to suggest a relocation to one of our suites for the sassy Siamese diva. Of course, I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, Grady and I urge you to commence your happy dance on his behalf – and have a grand weekend!

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