People are Idiots: Cat Bong

People are Idiots: Cat Bong

I’m a libertarian, so I support adults doing whatever they want with their own bodies, including ingesting various substances of questionable utility.  But,  leave the cats alone.

So, this guy thinks that his 6-month old kitten is being too rambunctious and needs to be calmed down.  First sign of idiocy: kittens are supposed to be rambunctious.  Duh.

Next he decides that marijuana is a good way to calm the cat.  So, does he just blow smoke at the kitten (which would be bad enough)?  No, he stuffs the cat into a home-made bong and starts smoking (see video on right).

The pinhead was caught because he was seen smoking the bong by police.  Note: if you’re going to smoke a bong, do it where the police can’t see you.

The guy was fined $400 for animal abuse, but still has drug charges pending.  Let’s hope they nail him on those.

And the cat is fine, though he now has a strange afinity for the music of the 13th Floor Elevators.

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  1. Four hundred dollars sounds a little light. Maybe you should add to the application form, “At what point would you consider declawing and/or sharing a bong with the cat?”.

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