Guest post: Forever Loved: Rumor

Guest post: Forever Loved: Rumor

Rumor has it that a certain small, goofy-faced tuxedo cat was adopted in 2009.

Rumor has it that she moved with her Momma down to South Carolina.

Rumor has it: never was a cat so loved. Ever.

It’s ever so much more than a rumor.

“I remember the day — March 20, 2009 — when I brought Rumor home from Tabby’s Place. I had decided that my large, male tuxedo cat, Sammy, needed a companion.

“They were quite a pair. Sammy was so large, and Rumor was so tiny, but she had a personality as large and as bright as the sun. They quickly became very close companions. I would come home from work to find them curled up so close together that you could not see where Sammy ended and Rumor began. There were times when they would chase each other around the house, having such a good time running at full speed, that I could almost hear them giggling with joy and happiness.

“Even though Sammy was a large male cat, he was so very gentle with Rumor. He knew that Rumor ran the house. Rumor may have been very tiny — about 6 pounds, and only about 2/3 the size of a normal cat! — but her personality and presence filled the room. She would ambush Sammy every chance she got. She also liked to surprise me by hiding behind the extra pillows on my bed and then suddenly sitting up. I could almost hear her shouting, ‘Surprise!’

“When I suddenly lost Sammy after a short illness, Rumor was so sad due to the loss of her constant companion. That’s when I adopted another Tabby’s Place alumna, Caitlin, as a companion for Rumor. Rumor was thrilled. Within 2 hours of bringing Caitlin home, they were bonded in a very loving way. They also liked to chase each other around the house, and, when they were finished, Rumor would groom Caitlin by washing her face. Caitlin loved this so much, she would lay down in front of Rumor — hinting, in not so subtle a way, that it was time for a face bath.

“I had the privilege of Rumor’s company for 9 years, and Rumor and Caitlin were loving companions for 8 years. We just lost Rumor due to a sudden illness, and right now our world is less bright.

“Rumor has it and will continue to have it — all of our love — even now that she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We miss you, darling girl. Rest in peace sweet, sweet Rumor.”

Thank you, dear Carole, for the true, true love you gave to Rumor, and the glimpse of grace you’ve given to us through your words. The bond you share is everlasting. Until we all meet again, Rumor.

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  1. Oh Carole, I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing Rumor’s story with us. We love cats and we are so happy to hear what a wonderful life Rumor had with you. She is alive forever, always in your heart.

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