Reunited and it feels so good

Reunited and it feels so good

Patch & Ginger shortly after their arrival at Tabby's PlaceOK, I’m jumping the gun a tad, but the happy reunion will feel so good.

They were the ultimate true loves, the George and Gracie, the Chandler and Monica, the Archie and Edith, of Tabby’s Place. And, in a few short weeks, Patch and Ginger will be back together…forever.

Patch, looking eagerly...for Ginger?There may as well have been Italian opera pouring out of the shelter van in which they arrived at Tabby’s Place in 2007. It was simply that obvious that Patch and Ginger were a passionate pair, deeply devoted to one another. I always thought of them as the first-ever feline married couple at Tabby’s Place.

Ginger and Patch leaned on each other (physically and metaphorically) during their three-week quarantine period, and showed no sign of “moving on” once they joined 14 new friends in Suite C. Even with a raft of new roomies to love, Patch and Ginger remained as committed as ever, grooming each other, nesting in the same cat bed (even though it wasn’t really big enough for two), shooting us human beans the same leery looks of fear and disdain.

Ginger, gazing wistfully...and thinking of Patch?But, over time, they both came to be curious about us, then to dare to let us pet them, and ultimately to love being loved by humans. One day, I realized we were no longer laughing when someone showed an interest in adopting Patch. (We’d received an online application, evidently from folks smitten by his sweet face and beautiful markings, which made us roar with laughter when the would-be adopter noted her intention to adopt Patch “for my children.” At the time, this would have only been appropriate if she were looking to permanently traumatize/maim her children.) 

Then, unexpected tragedy struck: Patch was diagnosed with feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD). The condition in itself is no big deal, and can generally be managed successfully with a special diet…but this meant Patch had to move to a special-diet suite.Patch

Away from his wife.

OK, call me a mush (you would certainly not be the first), but I was really heartbroken about this. Never mind the reassurances from my (more logical) comrades that both Mr. and Mrs. Patch would be just fine, that this was really in Patch’s best interest, health-wise. Never mind the fact that Patch and Ginger each almost immediately latched onto other friends. It was Just Wrong that they should ever, ever be parted.

Ginger in the solariumFast forward a bit more, and two further surprises unfolded. First, our vet suspected that we’d been too hasty to diagnose Patch with FLUTD, and he could come off the special diet. Back to Ginger? I hoped. But, no; Patch and his buddy Puzzle settled into Suite A, while Ginger - cozily ensconced with snuggle-bud Kurt – stayed in good old Suite C.

And then…oh, and then! Pat, a long ime, extremely awesome, extremely loving friend of Tabby’s Place, came in to adopt. I knew within five minutes of talking to her that her heart was on a mission, that there would be one cat who would zero in on her, and vice versa, and that this would most definitely be a Meant-To-Be adoption. Another five minutes later, and the die was cast.Patch, the one

Patch was the one.

To say that Patch’s first year with Pat and her two other felines has been “happy” would be a grave understatement. We’ve regularly received the Best Updates Ever from Pat and Patch, full of photos and happy tales of Patch’s love-filled life with Pat and his feline siblings. But there’s always been a note of longing, a sense of something missing, a hole in Pat & Patch’s life together.

A hole shaped precisely like a certain chubby torbie with glass-green eyes.

Ginger, soon headed home to the love of her life!And, this month, Pat decided that it was time to complete the family by adopting Patch’s wife. Yes, the supercouple of Tabby’s Place is getting back together. In a few short weeks, Patch and Ginger will be back together, now forever.

Who can say why the lovely and amazing Ginger wasn’t adopted by anyone else in all this time?
Who can say why, despite having three wonderful cats, Pat could never stop thinking of Ginger?
Who would dare say that this doesn’t sing, “meant to be”?

Certainly not me. Reunion dance, anyone?

Patch & Ginger

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  1. And this, THIS is exactly the reason I can go on holding out hope for our homeless animals. Thank you to Pat for her amazing love and huge heart. I look forward to a reunion photo!!!

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