Gumbo’s new groove: update

Gumbo’s new groove: update

GumboTiny Tony lookalike Gumbo went through so many false alarms before finding his forever family. But, as you can see in this e-mail, Gumbo’s new life of love was every bit worth the wait. Special thanks to Gumbo’s new mom, Stephanie, for letting me share her words with you.

“Hi Angela! Thank you so much for the videos of Gumbo! We love them. He has quickly become one of our most loved family members. Maddie and Drew love playing with him, and Maddie loves when he is a little “snuggle bum”.Gloriously loved Gumbo

My favorite time with him is at night; when the house is finally quiet, Gumbo and I curl up on the couch together, and he purrs himself to sleep. He really is a perfect fit for our family, and we thank you all very much for taking such good care of our little baby Gumbo until he was ready to join his new family. We love him so much! You all are doing a wonderful thing for these beautiful animals. Keep up the good work. And thank you again.”

Stephanie and family, thank you for being the dream-come-true that this little love-bug deserves.

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  1. (Fred would like to post a comment but he is far too busy doing a happy Gumbo dance after reading this. Please look for other comments from Fred in the future. Thank you.)

  2. It’s obvious that there are both highs and lows at Tabby’s Place, but this has got to be near the top of your all time highs list. Here’s wishing Gumbo and Stephanie may wonderful years of couch time.

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