Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Space Cats

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Space Cats

Bear with me a moment, please.

I’m trying to wrap my mind around an idea.

I asked for it. Literally.

Only, what to do with it now that I have been thusly gifted, from my spouse’s own lips, with “Space Cats?”

I beseech the great and good Mel Brooks to hear my plea! The man who gave us Spaceballs and, from the end of History of the World Part I, Pigs in Space, surely would have something to say about Space Cats.


(Okay. Here we go)

There are these cats, and they live in space.

Terrible! Simply awful beginning!

Hips will be so ashamed of me.

What will Angelo think? “Trash it, woman!,” saith Anka.

“Begin again,” suggests Prescott. (Prescott is wise, as you are all aware. We shall begin again.)

One of the great things about Tabby’s Place: A Cat Sanctuary is that it provides so much space for so many cats to live their lives comfortably until the right person comes along to sashay them away to a forever place of their very own.

Amply sized, there are up spaces, down spaces, hidden spaces, outside spaces, and office spaces that are all crawling with cats that have different preferences for all kinds of spaces.

Cat trees are exceptionally useful tools for providing multiple types of spaces within vertical spaces. A cat like Hips can go high, while one like Antin will slide in low. Something for everyone. Some cats like more peopled spaces (check out The Cool Kids), while others opt for solo spaces, like Arnold who has now taken charge of Adoptions. (We all thought it was Charles in charge. Nope! That was just a TV show.)

The key is not only in the actual spaces, but also which cats are located in which spaces and with what other cats or people or lobsters (Yes, Larry went home with Valerie, but that’s a different story.). Bacon, for one, has a very special space for a very special reason: Bacon is extremely special. He needs a little more quiet, a little more tender, loving care, and more specifically trained individuals in his space. So, he shares his office with the medical team, so they can make sure he has everything he needs and nothing he doesn’t.

For the record, Bacon has abdicated his position as extra-ultra-super-senior vet tech because it just didn’t jibe for him.

Stepping up and taking over the space left vacant by Bacon, Angelo is finally ready to prove that he is ready for command. Besides, rather than being in the office, Angelo’s space is and has been the actual medical suite. (“SCALPEL!” Um…no, Angelo, we’ll leave that to the individuals who are properly trained and who have actual opposable thumbs, shall we?).

Going for short and sweet might be the best way for us all to keep Angelo’s untrained paws away from pointy objects and keep the rest of us in a better mind-space. So, let’s go with this: If there is space, there will be cats. Space Cats. And, that’s not the stuff of science fiction.

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