Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: On the Move

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: On the Move

Since its inception, Tabby’s Place has been a hotbed of activity. It takes a whole lot of effort to take care of a whole lot of cats over a whole lot of years. Part of that effort involves relocations, especially recently with the soft opening of Quinn’s Corner.

The laundry room was moved into a new space. The kitchen was moved into a new space. The primary storage was moved into new storage spaces (Plural!!! HUZZAH!!!). People were moved into new offices.

Cats were moved to new offices and suites, and there are more moves on the horizon.

In a move soon followed by Gator, Anka was the very first cat to be relocated into Quinn’s Corner. Each of these boys now shares his respective space as a solo feline with human roommates. They are the kings of their castles, and they reign supreme.

The grand poobah of Flemington, the Turkish delight who has completed a total Tabby’s Place takeover, is taking no prisoners among the Volunteer-ers. Sharing space with humans is more than fine with Anka (Anka not sharing space with other cats is beyond fine with every single other cat).

Of course, Anka would prefer to be surrounded by many more humans on a more regular…okay, nearly constant…basis, but he is ruling his new roost with panache, aplomb, and also with pleading eyes that lure in visitors, who are chiefly responsible for showing due deference and providing ample snuggles and attention.

Meanwhile, just one door over, his marmalade majesty, Gator can be found in the Development Office. Whatever the Development-ers might tell you, it is Gator who is developing the premier plan…for how to rule (mostly justly) Tabby’s Place. Part instigator, part aggregator, part propagator, yet no part alligator, his highness is a king of the highest order. Rumor has it that he has enjoyed swatting certain objects off of desks. Gator would assert that this is his sovereign right and would challenge anyone to resist such temptations as bald-headed figurines and office supplies.

Gator’s and Anka’s are not the only offices that now house cats who are better off solo. Surely you remember Denali. You may remember that she had recently moved from a suite of many cats to a suite of not quite so many cats.  That was good. Moving this mountain once again was even better. Denali enjoys the company of humans almost as much as she does not enjoy the company of her fellow felines. Besides, she always knew she was management material, so sharing an office with a member of management suits her perfectly.

Although this may not prove to be the pinnacle of her career (she is healthy and young with much to look forward to), there is no doubt that being on her own has helped Denali come into her own. It doesn’t hurt that she is in a room with a view. People-watching is a favorite activity, high on the list with getting her chin scratched, eating dinner, and “killing” toy mice. That last makes her tail twitch adorably.

But, it is next door to Denali’s office where there was a very recent move of a very interesting nature. The move was to co-locate Cookie Monster, a cat with a very unique nature, with the adoptions team. Through the windows of her office and of the suite across the hall, Cookie Monster spotted me. I couldn’t hear what she said, but I could see she was chatting at me.

Knocking to request entry from the human at work, I was invited in. Both occupants greeted me with enthusiasm. Learning more about Cookie Monster made me realize that she is both well-named and also not very well-named (aside from not being a muppet). Being a cat, this dichotomy makes perfect sense. This girl can be as sweet as any overly decorated, cloyingly sugary cookie. She works it! However, overstimulation can tip the scales to the somewhat less sweet side of things. This is well within her rights, knowing she’s the boss and making sure everyone else knows it too. Not to be outdone by the boys down the hall or the girl next door, Cookie Monster rules her space regally.

All four of these office cats are the supreme leaders of their respective spaces, no matter what the people think. The moves merely reinforced what the cats already knew. The moves are also not going to be the last to happen at Tabby’s Place. Far from it! Where there are cats coming in (Now serving more FeLV+ cats than ever!) and out (Adoptions rule!), where all the care and coordination takes place, where so many human hands tend to our feline friends in one particular building in Ringoes, NJ, almost everything is almost always going to be on the move, just like Denali’s twitchy tail.


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