Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Moving Mountains

Kitty LeFey’s Cosmos: Moving Mountains

Moving an entire mountain is, as far as we can tell, an impossibility. At the least, it is an improbability so extreme as to be essentially impossible. That is to say, it is impossible on a human scale (We could ask the cats about enlisting the mothership!). Plate tectonics and erosion are very good at moving, creating, shaping, and reshaping mountains given enough time…scads of time…eons, in fact.

Getting back to the human scale, it is almost – not quite, thankfully – impossible even to get people to agree on what to name a mountain, so clearly it must have been a remarkable situation that convinced those who know best at Tabby’s Place to relocate a modestly-sized feline with a great big name to a space shared with far larger felines with more modestly-sized names.

Early on, things seemed all ease and joy for a small stripey kitten who was readily whisked into a home of her very own. Yet, during the heat of the summer of 2022, for reasons only beknownst to this now-adult cat, something shifted inside. Denali was brought back to her first and forever haven at Tabby’s Place. For all the reasons to which yours truly is not privy, this gorgeous girl was determined to be suited to Suite B. Perhaps (likely) it was a matter of available space given the specific parameters of Denali’s overall Denaliness (health, temperament, Denaliality). Therein, yours truly barely got to glimpse a whisper of the glorious coat that belies a shining, yet quaking individual. Fairly quickly (especially in mountain-time), it became clear that Suite B was not well-suited for the full majesty that is Denali. So, wheels were set in motion to move a magnificently furry mountain over to Suite C.

Therein, introducing (or reintroducing) Wilbur. Though his name is less sweeping in scope than a grandly mountainous peak, it is apt in all the ways. Wilbur is as resolute and strong as those who were famed for hunting wild boar. Make no mistake, Wilbur is worthy of all of the big, strong names.

Denali, among others, fervently wishes this were somewhat less true.

Another Suite C behemoth with a ferociously large name is Alex. Four letter names may not look very big, but, in this case, the origins of the name and some historical figures speak a different truth. No matter. Alex is a great cat. You might, however, be remembering that Alex is also a wily cat who sets tummy traps for the unwary. Truth be told, Alex is a conundrum and a beguiler and a wonderbeast to admire.

Denali entirely disagrees with this assessment.

As with many mighty peaks across the globe, Denali is often quietly restful. She can be calm and patient as she awaits what the day will bring next. But, when the day brings her a Wilbur who is being boarish or an Alex hunting for entertainment, Denali can turn volcanic. Granted, the heat and continuity of her personal lava is no match for Kiluaea. Yet, she far outstrips Fujiyama for personal activity.

From these descriptions, it might seem that Suite C may not be a better fit than B was for this young tiger of a mountain who moves us with her every movement. Although surrounded by weighty cats (and a few that are more akin to mole hills in size), there are fewer overall for this self-isolating peak to contend with. And, Denali is not antagonistic. She is sweet (mostly), cool (typically), and happy (frequently) to find a space where she can keep to herself.

I n her new environment, it is easier to spot this stripey micro-mountain. It is easier to get her to accept a friendly pat and share a few slow blinks or a nod of respect. This shift is proof that when humans do manage to move a mountain, it doesn’t have to be earth-shattering. Leave it to continuous lava flows to build new mountains. Leave it to eruptions to reshape entire regions of the world. But, leave it to the loving, brilliant masterminds at Tabby’s Place to know how to alter the flow of a cat’s daily life.

With know-how and determination, the impressive staff at Tabby’s Place assess and reassess every situation every day in a continuous flow of their own. With feedback from volunteers and each other, they track changes in behavior and well-being. These amazing individuals call upon their considerable, powerful forces and move mountains to ensure that every resident resides in the best possible space – physically and figuratively – at any given time. Perhaps they sometimes come across a cat who seems as imposing and immovable as K2. Undaunted, these wonderbeings will never give up watching and waiting and working to make every cat as comfortable and as happy as felinely possible. They can – and do! – move mountains to make the marvelous happen. Denali and her suitemates are proof positive.

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