Loving other creatures is not for the faint of heart.

As we relearned too well this week, love can leach our tears and our wails and our patience.

September’s early losses have us itching and agitating for a day beyond the reach of death. We’re frankly a little frazzled. There’s only one remedy for such a situation.

Gratuitous kitten photos.

…a fine companion for (the whole) Enchilada
…topped with Tomatillo(s)
…in a warm, tortoiseshell Tortilla

Let your impatience morph into a field of purple impatiens as you feast your eyes on these little lights of life. Life goes on; love prevails; and so, kittens of all kinds, shall we.

…and so shall eternal kitten Archer, age 2 years going on 2 weeks.

1 thought on “Impatience

  1. I love gratuitous cat photos. We also need some Sunny with Bacon and Sugar on top! So put on your Tux and take Steve and Miriam dancing to the beat of the Pumba Boom!

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