Guest post: A spotted fur coat and a penguin suit

Guest post: A spotted fur coat and a penguin suit

In the beginning (please, don’t be literal), Sammy had her Max. Then, she didn’t.

Time elapsed.

In a beginning, Sammy had Puzzle.

In a different beginning, Sammy had Puzzle, Hunts, and Tux. (Notice there hasn’t been another tabby since Max, code name CheetahBoy-BunnyButt).

Sammy has been a steady presence in the CR (Community Room) for longer than my volunteering days. She can be a little hard to get to know (shy, never aloof), but she’s a thousand percent worth knowing. Sammy has perfect eyes, perfect fur, and the exactly perfect number of extra toe beans to love. Wand toys and gentle pets and scratches make Sammy purr like crazy. She really does like company.

Sadly, Puzzle left Sammy alone in Pixie‘s window box after Hunts had his post-return, pre-re-adoption relo to Suite B. Already friends, it is now/still/again with Tux that Sammy prefers to snuggle. Who could blame her?

Tux is a wonder of the world. Watching him fall over himself while chasing a laser light is a reminder that one is only as old as one feels…or behaves. Periwinkle learned that lesson from Tux on multiple occasions. I do wonder how many times Tux hoodwinked P-Dubs out of a silver vine twig…or anything else.

Tux generally seems content never to move from the window. But, move he does. And purrs. Tux purrs.

So, Sammy and Tux. Leopard and penguin. Yin and Yang. Comfort and buddy. A pair of terrific reminders that there is always someone for everyone no matter how many beginnings it takes.

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