Gratuitous cat photos: While mortals sleep

Gratuitous cat photos: While mortals sleep

This is a night of waiting.


Keeping our watch of wondering love.

The list of things I understand would fill one centimeter of one line on the first page of a 500,000,000,000-page tome listing the things I don’t understand. Much of our life is lived in mist and trust, faith seeking understanding.

But on this Christmas Eve, kittens, I know this beyond all trembling: love will have its victory.

We know we’re not there yet; we see the scars and sighs of love’s foes all around us, too many and too obvious and too intimate to name.

We wait in the dark, but not without hope. Angels are keeping their watch of wondering love, and love’s victory is sure. Behold the early signs around us, among us even now.

The imperfect are adored.
The aching are held.
The unwanted are championed, cherished, cradled with a limited but lavish love that points to something far greater.

Love will have its victory. Together, we wait.

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