Gratuitous Cat Photo of the Day: Christmas Eve Eve

Gratuitous Cat Photo of the Day: Christmas Eve Eve

christmas-kittensSometimes an image comes along that’s so perfect, so timely, so delicious, you can’t help but sing hallelujahs the moment you see it.

Must be how Webster feels each time he glances in the mirror.

D.'s girl Lilith, loving life at home
D.'s girl Lilith, loving life at home

Today’s Gratuitous Cat Photo is no small miracle. Riddle me this: what do you get when you add cats plus car rides?

OK, let’s add some tinsel: cats plus car rides…plus flashbulbs.

Plus strangers.

Plus dogs. Barking.

Plus large men with long white beards and the inscrutable tendency to bellow ho ho ho.

What, pray tell, do you get? Is it…
(a) scratched within an inch of your ever-lovin’ life
(b) coal in your stocking (and by “coal” I mean “an epic feline turd, plus pee in your Rudolph slippers”)
(c) loud meows that most definitely do not translate to “Joy to the World”
(d) vast sweetness?

Lilith and the man in red
Lilith and the man in red

I’m as shocked and awed as you are, but in this case, the answer is (d).

Uber-adopter D. considered adopting Artex once upon a time. But this Christmas miracle proves that Lilith was meant to be her cat. D., you made the right choice with this tiny tabby girl. (And, as y’all know, things turned out just fine for Artex too.)

Yes: that’s a cat. In Santa’s lap. In public. No Clauses were harmed in the making of this photo. Yes, we are talking a miracle on the level of flying reindeer, an obese man scooting down a chimney…or even the King of Kings being born in a manger.

Well, not quite. But still…it’s delicious.

So in the spirit of Christmas miracles – and especially the greatest miracle of all, from the One who loves His cats and humans best – a blessed Christmas to you, dear ones. You fill Tabby’s Place with miracles each day, and we love you all.

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  1. It is, indeed, a Christmas miracle. I’ve NEVER seen such a good cat like that in my life! Much love and blessings to all at Tabby’s Place!! Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year, too!!!

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