Gratuitous cat photo of the day: LaFawnduh

Gratuitous cat photo of the day: LaFawnduh

120416-lafawnduh-2People with an interest in their own continued survival do not cross LaFawnduh.

They do, however, fawn over her. I beseech you, for your own sake: let the fawning commence at once.

If you really want to make Her Fawndiness happy, you can arrange to fawn over her 365 days a year. If you aren’t looking to adopt a certain hot-tempered, good-hearted tabby, fear not: LaFawnduh’s photo will be one of the items up for your bidding this Saturday at Catoberfest. Here she is, courtesy of Jess the Magnificent Volunteer:


Yes, Catoberfest cometh quickly now. But y’all knew that already, right? (Why do I suddenly have a Southern accent? Is it because Catoberfest has turned my brain to grits? Is it because bidding has closed on the autographed Paula Deen photo and someone has to carry her butter-bearing torch? Shouldn’t I stop talking now?)

There’s the silent auction, starring LaFawnduh (and approximately 187 other items of extreme awesomeness…but mostly LaFawnduh).

An art print of Bernadette will also be in the silent auction.
An art print of Bernadette will also be in the silent auction. Who needs salamanders?

There’s the classes on pet health and behavior. (We currently have folks teaching on cats and dogs. Alas, no salamander behaviorists were available.)

There’s the food and live music and free stuff. (Free stuff, people. We are giving you stuff. For free. Truly.)

There’s the low-cost microchipping for cats and dogs (sorry, no salamanders here either).

There’s the inimitable Gwen Cooper, reading from her first novel, told from the point of view of a cat.

There’s even galumphing hordes of vendors, vending everything from pet treats to The Schticky. (Again, I am not making this up. There will be a vendor selling all The Schticky, only The Schticky, and nothing but The Schticky. That makes up for the absence of a salamander behaviorist.)

"Stay away from my Schticky if you know what's good for you, JJ."
"Stay away from my Schticky if you know what's good for you, JJ."

But mostly: there’s Tabby’s Place, and the cats, and your opportunity to help them.

LaFawnduh. The Schticky. Free stuff. Saving cats.

C’mon to Catoberfest, alright, y’all?

3 thoughts on “Gratuitous cat photo of the day: LaFawnduh

  1. What pretty kitty pictures, and so many other great auction items, good luck at catoberfest hope it brings in much money for the cats at Tabby’s Place. As for the southern accent maybe because of corresponding with CCL some accent is rubbing off on you.

  2. Lovely Cat photos! I love cats! Sorry I can’t make it to the Catoberfest, wish I could come but I’m to far away 🙁 Hope you do well, Hope a lot cats get adopted!!!

  3. I am 90% sure I will be stopping by. I’m most excited to just visit with all of your awesome cats again!! What you guys do at Tabby’s Place is truely a blessing!

    Chickie’s Mama

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