Gratuitous cat duel of the day: Dot

Gratuitous cat duel of the day: Dot

duel-catsIf you’ve ever wished you still lived in the times when you could challenge someone to a duel, tomorrow is your lucky day.

No, no, you can’t challenge the Schticky vendor or Gwen Cooper to a duel at Catoberfest. (If we get Alice Cooper for Catoberfest 2013, that may be a different story.) But you can witness a face-off of sorts between dueling Dots.

It started when the outstanding humans at Whiskerlicious asked if they might contribute something special to the Tabby’s Place silent auction. Mustard or money or marmalade would have been special (and stranger things have made their way into the cats’ auction before)…but they had something with extra awesome in mind.

They had…well…this:


That’s right: a portrait of the unsinkable Dot. (Needless to say, the real deal won’t have that watermark thingy.)


Then our very own ultra-volunteer Jess challenged Whiskerlicious to a duel made a special donation of her own. Not mustard or marmalade or tickets to schmooze with Bret Michaels, but this:


Yup. A limited-edition photo of Dot (on luminous metallic paper – which may require sunglasses to view, since Dot’s ordinary level of luminosity is pretty extreme).

A Dot photo. A Dot portrait. A veritable Dot duel.

So please join us from 11-4 tomorrow, my friends and countrypersons. I promise you a good time even if you’re not up for bidding on the Dots.

But, of course, you are. Right? 😉

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