One Year Later: Bellis

One Year Later: Bellis

I suspect many of you remember Bellis, our blind lobby-cat, who found her forever home last year.  I can’t imagine a nicer holiday gift than an update from Bellis’ new mom, Cindi.

Without further ado, here is the update, along with a few adorable photos.  Enjoy.


Bellis is doing great! She is such a sweet and wonderful little girl I am just so in love with her. Yesterday she discovered a new favorite “toy”. I accidentally dropped the strip of paper my address labels stick on and Bellis came running. She LOVES this silly strip of paper. She bats at it, rabbit kicks it and tosses it up in the air so she can pounce when it comes down. She is a joy to watch every day.

She has even taken a liking to a couple of my foster cats although they have taught her bad habits. The other day I found her on the middle shelf of my bookshelf. I can’t imagine how she found it other than one of
the foster girls jumped up there and she followed. LOL

She has also found her way onto a window perch and the 2nd to highest level of the cat tree. She surprises me every day.

Nothing I can add, but “have a great holiday.”

8 thoughts on “One Year Later: Bellis

  1. I’m sure that these type of follow-ups really make you feel how all your work and devotion is so worthwhile. Many happy and fun filled years to Bellis and her mom Cindi. HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all at Tabby’s Place both 2 and 4 legged.

  2. What a wonderful update!! I’m so thrilled to hear she is doing so well. Bless Cindi for giving such a deserving girl a furever family. I LOVE a good happy story!

  3. if this little sweetheart isn’t an inspiration, I don’t know who is! Merry Christmas, Bellis, Bellis’ family and everyone who loves Bellis (which is everyone!)!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. HOORAY for Bellis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Angela, you know I love Bellis as I do all the cats! My aunt was particularly fond of her (you briefly met my aunt on a visit) due to a shared loss of eye sight. I admit I was moved to tears over Bellis’s adoption and I called my aunt to tell her the good news! She was also moved to tears, saying she prayed Bellis would find someone special to love her for life. Even as I type this, the happy tears form but note THEY ARE HAPPY TEARS! I love Bellis’s new family even though I have never met them, and I wish them all the best! I just ask they hug & kiss my special girl for me this Holiday season!

    Thank you Angela for sharing this wonderful, heart-warming story!!!!!

  5. Sorry Jonathan, I failed to read the beginning of the article, just assuming it was written by Angela (and I guess I made a fool of me not you!). THANK YOU JONATHAN for sharing this heart-warming story! I dont’ know a soul alive who didn’t love Bellis! Also, I did email the story to my aunt because I know she will be so happy to hear it! I believe Bellis was adopted only a few weeks after my aunt’s visit.

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