Epilogues: November 2023

Epilogues: November 2023

November has a rickety reputation among cats.

Braggarts belch about turkeys, but no Butterballs roll into the Tabby’s Place lobby. (Prescott checked under all the chairs. None.)

There are credible rumors of something entitled “stuffing,” but limited evidence beyond garlicky human kisses.

It’s almost enough to make a cat stop giving thanks.

Gentle Mirabel, with us far too briefly but forever loved

But this is Tabby’s Place, where gratitude grows like an unpruned Chia pet. Turkey baby food exists, and forehead kisses exist, and Oram has just filed preliminary paperwork to found a sanctuary for turkeys from hopeless situations. (The hopeless situation is “remaining uneaten,” but hey, he’s the founder.)

We’re a bunch of merry rebels around here. We will find reason for joy even when icicles look like fangs and adopters stay home in footie pajamas. We’ve got each other. We’ve got today. We’ve got all the giblets we need for a grateful, raucous jamboree.

So let’s remember the grit and the gravy of November:

Arrived: Mirabel; Paterson; Mr. Tumnus; Venus; Sebastian; Aarya; Fortune Cookie; Simona; Penelope; Pasha Vicente; Benvolio; Mercutio; Rosalind; Tanis; Beans; Sugarloaf; Honeywell; Molasses; Horace; Maurice

Having attained his primary goal (adoption), Spaghetti shall now turn to his secondary goal (meeting Chef Boyardee)

Adopted: Marvin & Oasis (together); Blur & Jamboree (together); Spaghetti (YES! THAT PARTICULAR PASTA! YES I AM YELLING!); Alex (YES! THAT PARTICULAR GOOFUS! YES ALL THE CATS ARE YELLING!); Shenanigans; Hullabaloo; Serendipity; Elsa; Freddy; Jason; Fulton & Bedford (together); Jasmine & Matcha (together); Matthew & Perry (together); Dutchie; Valerie (YES! VALIANT VALOROUS VALERIE! YES, EVERY LIVING CREATURE IS YELLING!); Cheeks; Chai

Newly Sponsorable and Awaiting YOU: Grecca and Taylor Ham…will you do this for them, darling people?

Taylor Ham, languishing for lack of sponsorship and/or giblets

Forever Foster Fabulosity: Pasha, with the matchless, selfless Karina

Promoted to the Lobby: Buster

Promoted to Heaven: Millie (who had a foretaste of heaven in forever foster with Jae); Habanero; Mirabel; Photini; Fenek

Stuff We Learned: Love tangles time like tree lights. The haze clears when turbulent tabbies shine. Knobby legs win the race. Winter has so much to give.

So let’s do December together, darling people of all species. Perhaps this year has front-loaded the frustration. Perhaps the final twelfth will dazzle us with dozens of joys.

Certainly love is peeking around the corner at us all. Let’s not keep it waiting.

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