Gender Male
Breed DSH
Declawed No
Color Black
Markings Solid
Personality Outgoing Independent Feisty
How I Feel About Children Cautious
How I Feel About Dogs Unknown
How I Feel About Cats Familiar
Age 6 years
Special Considerations

FIV+, behavior modification

If you’ve ever dug through random Reddit threads or dove deep into the tags on Tumblr, you may be familiar with the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the central deity of the “religion” of  Pastafarianism. Although the Spaghetti Monster started out as satire, this strange religious icon was an internet phenomenon a few years ago. Now, we hoping that our aptly named Spaghetti will be the next big thing!

Our Spaghetti, the Great and Mysterious Black Void, Bringer of Purrs and Curiosity, is one of our newest residents in our FIV+ Suite. Many might mistake him for your garden-variety black cat, but Spaghetti seems to believe that he is worthy of all the praise and recognition that his viral internet counterpart has garnered. As soon as you enter the room, Spaghetti will lock eyes with you, staring you down and seemingly looking deep into your soul. His gaze is both cool and curious; he wants to know who has entered his realm but does not seek out their attention or approval. Some might say that all cats have a little bit of god-complex and Spaghetti definitely embodies that idea!

Spaghetti is a bold boy with big personality. He loves to greet visitors and ask for a few pets, but he isn’t the hugest fan of lots of ruckus or hubbub. Spaghetti would love to be an only cat or live in a multi-cat household where he can have some space to himself.

Spaghetti is young and has many healthy, happy years ahead of him. He simply needs the right home where he can be an only cat and have a family that works with him on proper boundaries. Could Spaghetti be the one for you?

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